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Supporters of Zombie Awareness Month wear a gray ribbon to signify the undead shadows that lurk behind our modern light of day. From May 1 through May 31, concerned citizens take this small step to acknowledge the coming danger.

We all know the plague is coming, so we need to show that we are aware, and be able to recognise potential future allies.

Making and wearing this ribbon is a simple step towards preparing the rest of the world, and a lot more convenient than carrying around a sharpened shovel...

Step 1: Materials

To make a long-lasting ribbon, you need;

  • Grey ribbon, about 10cm / 4.25" (adjust to suit your personal taste)
  • A small safety pin
  • Sewing thread to match your ribbon

Step 2: Preparation

Cut your ribbon to length, and snip away at the ends of the ribbon to add that zombie-appropriate raggedness.

Thread your needle, ready to sew.

Step 3: Fixing

Loop the ribbon around until it looks "right" to you, and sew in one or two stitches to hold the loop in place.

Make sure your pin is the right way round (pointed end away from the ribbon), and sew it to the back of your ribbon, using as small a stitch as you are capable of.

Finish off with a couple of stitches where they can't be seen. They don't need to be incredibly tight, because there won't be much stresson the thread.

Step 4: The Caitlinsdad Modification

As Caitlinsdad, pointed out, a zombie awareness ribbon needs a bit of wear and tear.

I didn't want to scruff the ribbon in mud and blood, because I want it to look "official", but then I remembered a technique that Kitewife uses to add a blush of colour to the cheeks of her knitted toys.

So, I scrubbed at the fabric of the ribbon with a red colouring pencil, creating the effect of being dipped in blood. Scrubbing along the ribbon, towards the end, also subtly improved the raggedness of the ribbon.

Thanks for the idea, CD!

Step 5: Wear With Pride!

... and that's it, really.

Pin the ribbon to your label and be ready to explain to those who ask exactly why they are doomed to a grisly end, unless they get prepared for the inevitable...

(Er... about the second photo... it's supposed to be a zombie face. Sorry.)



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    5 years ago

    How about something a little more practical for dealing with zombies, a bandolier of shotgun ammo perhaps? Lol

    2 replies

    5 years ago on Introduction

    You should "weather" the ribbon with mud and blood stains and tears and rips to indicate it survived through the zombie apocalypse.

    2 replies