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This was a costume I threw together for DragonCon 2011.  With the use of SmoothOn Dragon Skin and thrift store clothes I put together I would say a fairly convincing zombie costume.

Step 1: Stryofoam

I began the project with a styrofoam head that i got from hobby lobby.  I then took SmoothOn dragon skin and mixed several layers on top.

Step 2: Layering

I varied the colors of the silicone with each layer this allowed for some cool effects. This included the dead skin look and blood effect. After making it thick enough to hold together when being stretched and not breaking I pulled it off for a test fit and cut out the eyes, a couple holes for the nose, and a slit to breathe out of the mouth.

Step 3: Details

I added several more layers with varying effects and threw in some costume hair to give a sort of burned and bloody look.

Step 4: Other Components

I finished up the costume with a thrift store suit. I ripped holes in the suit jacket and pants, and stained everything with red dye and paint blood splatter.

Step 5: Show It Off

Go out and show it off!  The picture is of me and my friend as Shaun from Shaun of the Dead.

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    5 years ago on Step 5

    Great mask! Definitely looks like a zombie that's been burnt to a crisp. You could try completing the look by scorching the upper parts of the shirt and jacket; make it look like you took a molotov cocktail to the face. Or you could try black spray paint for the same effect in a safer way. And some black makeup around the eyes would help them blend in with the mask better.