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Introduction: Zombie Cupcake

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Undead, yet edible.  That is how the Zombie Cupcake rolls.  

I was inspired by some dead fondant, to create this monstrosity   Okay, maybe I did it because I have zombies on the brain...haha, pun unintended.  

What you see in front of you is: a cupcake, fondant, sprinkles, some airbrushing and gel color.  And piping gel as food glue!

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Step 1: Needs

piping gel
gel color - red
green toothpick or natural plus green color, OR a real cherry stem
paintbrush - for food only
airbrush optional
foil/scratchy toothpick for texture

Step 2: Fondant Cap

Form your fondant into a thick snake, then curl it up on top of your cupcake.  I started to form mine onto a ball of foil, covered with a cupcake wrapper because the real cupcake wouldn't be able to handle the pressure lol.  :)  Don't make it perfect because...it's going to die anyways.

Step 3: Time to Kill It!

Okay, I actually took a bite out of the fondant to create the bite mark.  If you're making these for people other than yourself, you may need to practice better zombie hygiene.  Once the fondant was spit out of my mouth, I pinched up the edges to make it look like loose/broken flesh and I textured the inside of the wound.  To do that, I split a skewer and used the crappy rough edge to poke around.  Then for the whole icing texture, I wadded up a piece of foil and stamped it all over the place to age the "icing".

Step 4: Airbrush + Blood

I used my mom's antique airbrush (she used to do cakes for our family), and I painted a flesh tone all over the icing.  Then I went in and textured with brown airbrush color to accentuate the crevices.  Of course, I did the same with the wound!

Once that was complete, I took out some red gel color and painted inside the owie area and made it all gross.  :) 

Then I made a cherry out of the chunk that I bit out of the icing.  Rolled it in the red stuff and I have a bloody cherry!  But I also needed a stem.  So I snapped a toothpick and it splintered, so I took the curved piece, painted it green and shoved it into the cherry.

Then I took some piping gel, mixed in some red gel color and made some blood to drip with.  I carefully placed that around the cherry bed and the torn flesh.

Step 5: Finishing Touch!

Time to add sprinkles!

All I did was get each sprinkle, paint the back of it with some bloody piping gel and stuck them all around the cupcake in alternating colors.  Then voila! Done.  

I hope you enjoyed the death of this cupcake!  Once I was finished, I be-headed it, like any good human would.  Now I can save my Zombie Cupcake topper for later!

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    6 years ago

    I love any zombie shows #walking dead


    7 years ago on Step 3

    This is my favorite part of the instructable! This seems like a good way to get your anger out. Kill the cupcake!