Zombie Halloween Makeup

Introduction: Zombie Halloween Makeup

Zombiefy yourself for Halloween.

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Step 1: What You'll Need

You will need:

1. Liquid latex
2. Body wax for special fx makeup
3. A prop for making bones
4. Acrylic paint
5. A paint brush
6. Blood gel, paste, and stage blood.
7. Concealer
8. Translucent powder
9. Makeup brushes
10. Tooth picks
11. Various face paint colours
12. Old clothes to hack up
13. Contact lenses (optional)
14. Spirit gum
15. Cosmetic wedges

If you don't have access to blood gel, please see my other instructable on making realistic blood gel at home with hair gel.

Step 2:

First were going to paint the props with acrylic paint.

For this I bought a cheap grim mask and cut it. Up to use only the pieces I wanted to use. In this case it was a piece of a jaw bone.

1. Paint the prop and cut off the piece you want to use. I used the exposed jaw piece for my effect on myself.

Step 3: Start Makeuping!

1. Glue the piece of the prop to your face with spirit gum.

Make sure your face is clean and dry.

Oil makes it harder for the spirit gum and prop to adhere properly.

2. Once the spirit gun is tacky and sticky, stick the prop to your face. It will not stick if it's still wet. To get it to stick properly you need to tap it with your fingers a few times till it starts pulling threads of gum. You can then apply the same to the prop itself and stick it on.

3. When were done with that, we need to cover the edges of the prop with wax.

4. Grab some wax between your fingers and roll it into snake like shapes. Smooth it onto the sides and edges of the prop. This is to give it a realistic feel.

5. I also added some gashes on my face to give it a boost while I was applying the wax to the edges of the prop.

6. Once you're happy with the edges being covered, apply some liquid latex around the wax to seal it and stop it from changing shape.

7. Let the latex dry. It should turn a transparent off yellow colour once it's dry.

8. Once it's dry, brush some translucent powder onto the latex to dull the shine away a bit.

9. Apply concealer and Base to the makeup we have created. Around the deeper parts of the wounds and prop, we will use some black to give the illusion of it being deep.

10. It's OK if it's messy and doesn't look neat. Zombies are dead people. It's OK to look like a hack job! Making it too neat will give a fake impression. The more uneven the work is, the better.

11. If you want to add gross effects to your skin, paint some liquid latex in random places on your face. Once it's dry, make holes in the latex and gently pull it upwards to give a "loose skin effect".

12. Another effect you could use is cotton wool and cover it with latex. Toilet paper also works brilliantly. To do this, apply latex first. Apply the toilet paper or cotton and apply liquid latex over it again.

13. If you want to make other wounds around it, build it with latex around the area and follow steps with wax again as above stated.

14. Once that's done and skin tone is nicely blended all over you face evenly, apply some blood paste into the black to make it look deep.

15. Take a brush or cosmetic wedge and use greens, purples and dark hues to make the skin seem irritated around the wounds. Zombirs naturally have an off. Green or yellow complexion. Go a bit maf with creativity here.

16. If you have contact lenses, put them in. Make sure your hands are clean. Only use legal prescription lenses. Not second hand cheap knock offs. They can damage the eye badly!

17. Hack your clothes and add some stage blood. Zombies can be dirty as well. They don't bath! Lol.

And you're done. If you want to make it better, paint your whole body the same tone. I was pressed for time but didn't do a bad Job.

Happy Halloween!

Step 4: And the Outcome!

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    3 years ago

    Gross! I love it!