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Hey guys i know this is right after Halloween, but I still wanted to share this very simple paper craft that will hold a candle to guide the lost souls to your party to write there names for being there or used it in other places such as being next to a bowl to light up just a small area and even out side in the yard or as a hand torch.
I will also include both a blank and colored versions for free here though if you like you can donate here  at paypal.

One more thing don't for get to vote for the Halloween contest and check out my other entry here

Thank you and please enjoy. And i use 65 pound paper.

Step 1: Brain Storming

When coming up with a paper craft you will have to sketch up a pre plan idea. I though of a torch in the shape of a flame with eyes and a mouth, but thought of the zombie hand and liked it better. Afterwards, i began to sketch my idea in a small not book i picked up from hobby lobby for next to nothing.

Step 2: Modeling

using Google sketch i began to make the model piece by piece making each piece a component then exporting piece by piece as a .dea and importing into pepakura and setting the scale to 25.4mm to keep the scale right. 1:1. 

Step 3: Exporting and Texturing

i export the finished piese and .esp in the vector and take them to photoshop and began to color then texture with different wall textures for a grungy effect then after the pieces are down i arrange them on an 8.5"X11" letter size document then i print them out.

Step 4: Cutting

Basically cut out all the shapes and try to follow the line. I recommend an exacto knife, but Scissors are okay if you can get a better cut. 

Step 5: Creasing

either using a bone creaser or any other type of creaser and a ruler will help make perfect folds. DO all the creasing first then fold each one.

Step 6: Gluing

I'm insane and that is why i am using super glue which isn't recommended i would say anything like paste or hot glue would be better. However, I am insane on so many levels and didn't have time to wait to dry. So glue all the parts then glue them together. 

Step 7: Adding the Candle

okay if you want to reuse this I recommend either just placing the candle on there, double sided tape, or using tacky. However, I just super glued on the candle and glued the hand to a thick black page of card stock in which i can place the sign in book, candy bowl, or even little goody bags.

And thats it please leave a comment and vote.

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