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Yesterday, later in the afternoon, I had this idea of a hand coming out of a wall that could be used to hold keys, jewelry or whatever you want.
I thought this would have been perfect for the Zombie Contest but I realized that there was only one day left to enter!
For some unknown reasons, ideas come to my mind late (or too late) most of the times...
So I started to do everything as fast as I could and I finally ended it tonight! *whew*

The problem is that the light is not good at this time, so I couldn't take a good picture of it hanging on the wall.
I am going to take a better picture tomorrow and add it here...I hope you'll enjoy this project in the meantime! :)

...and please vote if you like it! :D

Step 1: What You Need

  • newspaper
  • acrylic paints
  • white glue
  • hot glue
  • cardboard
  • white sheet of paper
  • toilet paper (yes, seriously)
  • scotch tape

Step 2: The Hand

The first thing you have to do, is creating your hand's structure with newspaper.

Take a sheet from a newspaper and crumple it up creating an oval shape.

Look at the central part of your hand (the part with no fingers): you'll notice that one of the edges is taller than the other, so try to make a shape that looks as similar to your hand as you can.
As you do this, secure with scotch tape to make sure that the paper keeps the right shape.

Step 3: Fingers

Now let's make the fingers.

Tear off half newspaper page and create a paper sausage with it.
This will be the thumb of the hand, so compare it to the previous part to keep the right proportions.
Attach it to one side of the oval part using scotch tape.

You have to make other 4 fingers now so create 4 more paper sausages and attach them to the top of the oval to obtain a...hand!
Remember that some fingers are shorter than others so try to always keep the right proportions.

Bend the fingers on the inside a little.

Step 4: Cover the Holes

You'll probably notice that one side of the hand has big holes in some spots because of the fingers that you attached, so tear off some newspaper and crumple it up to cover the big holes.

I created a round part that I attached to the bottom of the hand.
Use scotch tape to keep everything together.

The structure of the hand is done!

Step 5: Paper Mache

What you have to do now, is covering the whole hand with the paper mache technique.
This way it will get harder and it will look more homogeneous.

I usually use newspaper to make paper mache, but I decided to use toilet paper in this case. I thought that it would get harder much faster this way...but this is up to you.

Take some toilet paper and make many pieces out of it.
Prepare your mix of glue and a little bit of water.
Spread it on the hand using a paint brush and lay a piece of toilet paper on it.
Again, spread glue on that piece and continue this way to cover the whole hand.

I decided to try to make the hand more realistic adding some folds to the inside part.
To do this, put some pieces of toilet paper in the mix of glue and water and let them absorb it, mixing everything with your fingers. The paper will become a mush that you can easily shape.
So remove it from the glue, squeeze it a little to remove the exceeding glue and lay it on the hand to create the parts that you want.

I also used this method to cover some other holes that were still visible.

Step 6: The Nails

Draw 5 nails on a piece of cardboard and cut them.
Remember to consider the size of the fingers when you draw them!

Now glue the nails to the tip of the fingers using hot glue (or white glue, if you prefer).

Keep covering everything, including the nails, with paper mache.
Make as many layers as you like but wait some minutes between a layer and the other.
The more layers you'll make, the harder the hand will get.

Let it dry.

Step 7: Paint the Hand!

Once your hand is completely dry, it's time to paint it!

I wanted my hand to be kind of green...I used acrylic paints for this and I mixed some yellow, blue and white to make this color.
The result was not really what I expected but it wasn't too bad after all! :D
I finally added some more yellow and white to the first layer of paint...

Paint the nails with a darker green (I used more blue for this one).

Your hand is ready!
Let it dry...

Step 8: The Wall

As you wait for the hand to dry, cut a rectangle out of cardboard. It can be as big as you like.
Do the same with a white sheet of paper. This way you'll have 2 identical rectangles, one in cardboard and one in paper.

My idea was to recreate the effect of a broken wall.
To do this, tear the sheet of paper starting from the middle. Make sure that you don't break the edges of the rectangle so try to keep the tears you made far enough from the sides, leaving a "frame" all around the paper.
You will obtain a big broken hole this way.

Now glue the frame of your piece of paper to the cardboard rectangle.

Step 9: Last Step...

The last thing you have to do is finding a way to attach the hand to the fake wall.

I must admit that this was a hard step for me because I couldn't think of a good way to keep it on.
I finally decided to use long staples: 
place the bottom of the hand on the centre of the cardboard (where the white sheet is broken) and staple behind the cardboard until you are sure that the staples keep the hand up.

I added some hot glue to the front to make sure that the hand wouldn't fall.
I am not 100% sure that this method to keep the hand up will work, so let me know if you have better ideas! :)

Hang the cardboard on a wall and use it to hang whatever you want!
I bet it will be fun to see your family and friends' faces when they see it...!!! :D



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    Thank you Holly! I was really late too when I posted it...getting last minute ideas is not so good haha :D

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    Little bit of blood Will do it more scary

    Im from Denmark so im not goood at english

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