Zombie Hand




About: I love Halloween and doing scary, gross makeup!

Materials you will need:

Liquid Latex
Tissue/toilet paper or cotton balls
Halloween makeup
Fake blood (optional)

Step One:

Make sure your hand is clean and dry before you start. You will first apply a few (2-3) layers of liquid latex to your hand, add extra in between the fingers and on the inside on the fingers. You will then hold your fingers together tightly until the latex is mostly dry. Slowly pull the fingers apart, this will make the fingers look like they have been melted together. Then apply another layer of liquid latex all over your hand. Use cotton balls or tissue/toilet paper to add texture to the hand (you can add a little or a lot, depending on the effect you wish to achieve). Add one final layer and allow to dry.

Step Two: 

Now that the latex has dried you may begin to add the makeup. You will want to use black in the lower areas of this to make it look deeper in some areas. Use reds for a irritated flesh look and some yellows and greens for a rotten, decaying look. You can use the makeup on your nails to make them look dead or dirty as well. If you like, you can add blood to this look to make it more dramatic. 

You can use this to do an all body effect or just use it in random places. Have fun and scare someone!

I hope you all enjoy this.



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