Zombie Horde - Minecraft 1.9 Map

Introduction: Zombie Horde - Minecraft 1.9 Map

About: No need for that! :P

The town is being over run with zombies. Can you survive with only a taser and a few weapons...?

Try to survive in the harsh environments. You can choose between two different gamemodes. Play with unlimited amounts of friends, or by yourself.

Created by: jimbosyn BlurryFace2016 and Doodler_who

Step 1: Download!

Just click Download, and put it into your Minecraft 'Saves' file


AS soon as you get on this map, type: /tp @p 1023 6 -178

Step 2: Credits

Credits go to: (Minecraft Usernames)

BlurryFace2016 (Me)



DO NOT recreate this map, and call it your own!

This is a minigame map.


NOTE: This map is strictly 1.9, it will not work at all in any other version.



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    4 Discussions

    Yeah so there's a glitch with the /setworldspawn in minecraft right now. I'v asked some of my friends and they said the same thing. But again, thanks for the feedback :D

    True. But for some reason that never works for me. Thanks anyways! :D

    Have you tried playing it with friends?

    Just a bit of map making advice, you can type /setworldspawn to set the world spawn to you current location. Just a thought so every player doesn't have to teleport to the right spot.

    Guys, one more thing. THIS MAP IS STRICTLY 1.9!

    Using any other game version will not work at all!