Zombie/ Horror Movie Themed Birthday Party Games

Introduction: Zombie/ Horror Movie Themed Birthday Party Games

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My kid sister just turned 17 and wanted a Zombie themed party. I'm always the one to go to for help with games and party ideas so I was of course involved in the planning and execution. I searched for Zombie party game ideas online and could barely find anything at all. There are plenty of games you can buy like board and video games, but I wanted party games. There is, however, a ton of ideas for decorations and party food. We had limited time and money so we admittedly didn't take advantage of all the awesome things out there in the way of décor and food. This 'ible will just show what we did as far as games and gift bags. 

I managed to find one zombie themed game online but I can’t remember where I found it to post a link, tweaked a game from the Boys and Girls club back pocket guide to be more zombified and I made Zombie Survival Kits as gift bags.

Step 1: Zombie Survival Kits

The kits are just large brown paper grocery bags from the Commissary that I spray painted words on and filled with random stuff that you might need to survive a zombie outbreak.

1. Brown bags; 1 for each guest
2. stencil
3. spray paint

I made my own stencil. To make your own:
1. On the computer, type out the words you want in the font and size you want. I used Zombie Survival Kit in Stencil font (downloaded from dafont.com) in the largest size possible for the printable area of the paper
2. Print it out on cardstock or other thick paper
3. Use an exacto knife to cut out all the black parts of the letters

1. Lay out a bag in a well ventilated area or outside
2. Place the stencil on the bag where you want it
3. Use scrap paper or cardboard to cover all the rest of the bag around the stencil to protect it from the paint
4. Spray paint a layer or two over the stencil
5. remove the stencil and other papers, then repeat with all the other bags

1. A weapon; I used guns, rocket launchers, knives, and bats from the dollar tree
2. silly disguises; I used mustache finger tatoos
3. mouthwatering candy; I used fireballs
4. an extra pair of socks; 3 for $1 at dollar tree
5. battey operated tea light candles, 3 for $1 at dollar tree
6. a tiny bottle of water
7. a pack of ramen noodles (kinda looks like a brain when you eat it raw which is kinda funny)
8. a random can of food, I used everything from carrots to vienna sausages
9. A zombie Cubeecraft from Cubeecraft.com; I thought they could make it and then kill it with their weapons.

Step 2: Zombification Game

This game is played throughout the entire party. I found this game online but cant remember where I found it. I changed a few things but the jist is the same.

You start off with one guest as a Zombie. We had the 5th person to arrive be the first zombie. The rest of the guests are humans. Post a list of ZOMBIFICATION ACTS. If the zombie catches a human doing a zombification act, the human becomes a zombie and then helps catch other humans. Every 20 minutes a new zombification act is enforced and most are cummulative. Our party was 3 hours long so we had 9 acts:

1. cant say zombie or zombies
2. cant say blood, bloody, brain, or brains in addition to previous
3. cant say weapon, weapons, gun, or guns in addition to all previous
4. cant scream in addition to all previous
5. cant voluntarily touch the balloons in addition to all previous
6. cant go in the bathroom to addition to all previous
7. cant say anyone's name in addition to all previous except #6
8. cant look at your phone in addition to all previous except #6
9. cant use the letter "A" in your speech and cant write out your words in addition to all previous except #6

Have bowl of weapons, we used cheap waterguns and we had 6 weapons to about 12 guests. If a zombie catches you doing a zombification act and you have a weapon on you, you can use your weapon to escape. The weapon has to be ON you, as in, in your hand or pocket or on your lap. If you leave your weapon about, it can be stolen by other humans. Once the weapon is used it is returned to the bowl. No limit to the number of weapons you can get.

You could get a weapon by:
1. scoring 4 stars or higher on a song on Just Dance 4 on Wii
2. playing the skittles game (blindly reach into a bag of skittles and predict the color it will be, pull one out and if right, get a weapon, if wrong, eat the skittle. you can try only once each 20 min interval.)
3. buy one for a dollar (more money for the bday girl)

If at the end of the last 20 min interval, there is more than one survivor, you can solve it by giving the win to the person with the most weapons or by having them list all the zombie movies they can remember in 1 minute and the one with the most wins.

Have the zombies keep track of how many people they turned and give a prize to the best zombie and the last survivor.

Step 3: Games: Shoot the Zomie

This is a twist to the classic pin the tail on the donkey game. My sister had this huge wall decoration thing of a group of zombies and we had toy guns with suctioncup bullets so we did this spur of the moment.

1. Blind fold a guest
2. spin them around three times
3. face them to the wall and hand them the loaded gun
4. aim and fire!

The person who has the cleanest kill wins, like a head shot.

Step 4: Games: Zombie Horde Brain Game

This game is from the Boys and Girls Club Back Pocket Guide. I just zombified it.

I bought a plain red ball at walmart and used permanent marker to make it into a brain.

You need a rather large outdoor area for this game. Have all the guests spread out. Choose one guest to be the lone human survivor and the rest make up the zombie horde. The idea is that the horde all share the same brain. They can move about freely but cannot tag the human unless they have the brain, but once a zombie catches the brain, they are so overwhelmed by the sudden sensations of thought that they are rooted to the spot. They can't move from that spot for the rest of the game. The brain can still be thrown to them but they can no longer move about. The horde must work together to catch the human. If the horde ends up with most members frozen in the same area, the human will be out of reach. The human has to run around and avoind being touched with the brain. The zombies must tag the human with the brain, they cannot throw the brain at the human.

To start, have one zombie in the center of the play area start with the brain, so this person will not be able to move the entire game.
The game is over when either the human is tagged with the brain (Zombies win) or all the zombies are frozen and the human is out of reach (human wins). Keep playing until everyone who wants to has had a chance to be the human. The human who lasted the longest wins.

Step 5: Other Games

We played a variety of other games but none of them were zombie themed

We played the circle game:
Everyone sits in a circle except the caller. The caller then calls out things like "if you are wearing red, you can move" or "if you love zombies you can move". Everyone who can move then moves to the right one seat. If the person to the right cannot move, then you sit on that person's lap (or in front of them if you are afraid of squishing them). It gets pretty funny when you get pile ups. You have to remember where all the seats are or mark them somehow so seats dont get skipped when there is no one in them because it gets pretty chaotic. The first person to get back to their original seat is the winner.

Big Mac hand clapping game which I have a seperate "ible on

pass the skittle:
Everyone stands in a line with spoon held by the handle between their teeth. Te first person in line puts a skittle on the spoon and tries to pass it to the next person's spoon with out using their hands. The skittle hasto pass from spoon to spoon, person to person all the way down the line without sropping. There is no winner for this game.

a card game that is a little long to explain, I'll have to post anther "ible on it

"safe" wrestling:
we were out of games and had mostly boys at the party so we did this. Two opponents sit up on their knees facing eachother and grasp hands. On 3 they try to push the other one over, either backwards or to the side.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very real looking.... another Idea is we had everyone at the party plant the seeds for The Zombie Plant. This is a plant that plays dead when you touch it and then comes back to life. You can see a live one and get supplies to grow them at www.thezombieplant.com


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    that is awesome!!! wish I'd known about that before the party! Thanks for sharing