Zombie Hunter

For Halloween my son wanted to be a Zombie Hunter.  I couldn't let him go without a good weapon, all Zombie hunters need a good weapon.  so I built him a mini-gun. This is a picture of him, and how we did it.

Step 1:

Using an Old Drill, We took two training wheels drill eight holes in each. Then cut a copper pipe into 8 equal sections about 16", and 1 section of pipe at 10" .Through the center I ran a threaded rod sleeved with the 10" pipe between the two wheels. The rod was cut long enough, 19", to extend past the wheel and get clamped into the chuck on the drill. I had to rebuild after installing the threaded rod to add washers on each side of the training wheels.

Step 2: The Cover-up

This is the step to hide the drill. First I found so PVC, A Sleeve that fit over the first training wheel and the PVC pipe that fit snug into the sleeve / coupler. The Black plastic in the picture in an off the shelf drainage "T".  Then I split the PVC pipe and the drainage "T", not the sleeve / coupler. To keep the barrle assembly from wobbling I had to run thr rod through an "L" bracket that I mounted to the PVC just past the drill chuck. To keep the drill secure I mounted a metal rail inside the "T" and zip tied the drill in place, you can see the zip ties in picture 2 and the rail bolts in picture 1.

Step 3: Get a Grip.

I needed to use large hose clamps to hold the "T" together, at least 6"-8". As you can see in the picture I also cut away the plastic behind the drill handle so I can reach in and grab the drill and reach the trigger.  This was also the best time to paint all the plastics black.

Step 4: Style

At this point I could just leave it black, I needed to go just a bit further. My son suggested we use an old pen laser as a sight, we did. The sight is mounted on top, reused from an old project, so I had two leads that I could connect to I button mounted on the handle in one of the two copper elbows. The other copper elbow has a button to turn on a red barrel light. The sight rail is mounted to the black plastic body using some aluminum "L" brackets. I had too much copper in the front, too much black in the body. I cut strips of copper flashing to fit inside the fins on the drainage "T". The flashing is secured using small black self tapping screws.

Tons of fun on Halloween, I used it myself this year.

I though some steam punk folks might also enjoy this.




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    3 Discussions

    Christopher Avier

    2 years ago

    Very nice! You were right about the steampunk part too!


    5 years ago on Step 4

    I'd skip using the laser pointer. Too easy to accidentally point it in someone's eye and then deal with an expensive lawsuit -- never mind the guilt of partially blinding someone.

    Really nice build otherwise!