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Introduction: Zombie Lego Minifigure Costume

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My son wanted to be a Lego minifigure for Halloween. Our family participates in the annual Denver Zombie Crawl every year, so he and I determined it might be fun if he was a Lego zombie. The annual event draws thousands of people to downtown Denver.

Step 1: The Results.

My son had a blast wearing this at the Denver Zombie Crawl and enjoyed all of the attention he received.

On Halloween, my son decided that he would rather visit the Lego store in Denver (about 45 minute drive one-way) in his costume than trick-or-treat all over the neighborhood. The staff's jaws dropped and were happy to let us take photos in the store, they even moved a minifigure statue from the window so that my son could pose with it.

When we took the photos, my son asked me to help remove the head. I thought he may have had an itch or something, but he told me that he just wanted everyone to see how happy he was. My heart melted.

You can see how it moves in action here:



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    I am sorry for your disappointment. I don't feel that Instructables should be charging for other people's creative efforts.

    I've attempted to delete this listing years ago, but the website will not allow me to remove it.

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    Hi Brack

    Thanks for your replay!

    Just I was expecting it to be more clear that you canot get here the instructions PDF but merely in your Etsy page.

    Good looking, but have you thought about posting an actual tutorial instead of a commercial to sell your stuff?