Zombie Makeup (easy)(toilet Paper)

Introduction: Zombie Makeup (easy)(toilet Paper)

you will need easy o find house hold objects!

Step 1:

you need :
{non-toxic glue
{red lipstick
{face brush
{black eyeshadow
{face sponge
{toilet paper
{hair dryer

Step 2:

tie your hair back and add foundation. you can go lighter to look more dead. m make up is called translucent so..i dun wanna go more lighter :o

Step 3:

add black eyeshadow all around your eyes

Step 4:

this stuff :o omg my shoe....

Step 5:

now add glue to desired area. i find it more realistic if you put it under or around ur eyes and down ur cheek :3

Step 6:

now add tp to your face...OMG IM TP WOMAN!

Step 7:

now brush it. it should give it a wrinkled effect ^^

Step 8:

now blow dry on low/cool

Step 9:

when dry u can peel off the excess tp. once that is done u then add more foundation around edges then add black eye shadow creating a decaying look, u can add fake blood or red lipstick for a more raw or bloody look. u r now a zombie :o

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    2 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Is the pva glue ok on your face? I've always used it instead of liquid latex to create scolds and scars on my arms and stuff but have always been wary of putting it on my face because I don't wanna come out in a rash or anything :-P


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    nah no rash its actually quite gental