Zombie Mermaid




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This was a super fun look to do! The starfish is my favorite part. =P What do you think?

Step 1: Face

I used a foundation and concealer all over my face and set it with a powder.

Step 2: Brows

Using a white eyeliner I filled in half of my brows, then I used a light blue eye shadow to go over that white, then using a matte brown eye shadow on the ends of my brows blending it into the blue, after that I started bringing that blue color down my nose.

Step 3: Contour

Using that light blue I contoured my nose, hollows of my cheeks, under my chin and a little on my forehead.

Step 4: Eyes

Using the NYX jumbo pencil in MILK I added that to my lid, I then grabbed this yellow/green eye shadow to go all over the lid, then I used two darker greens on the outer corner blending it into the crease, I then grabbed a bright yellow eye shadow for the inside corner of my eye, I used a bright blue eyeliner for a cat wing, then last I used a black mascara.

Step 5: Scales

I stuck a fishnet stocking on my head and used a few different shades of green and patted it onto the stocking.

Step 6: MOuth

I outlined the mouth with white eyeliner, then I used white body paint to make the teeth, I grabbed peach body paint to fill in the gums, I used red body paint to start the shadows, I used black body paint to outline the teeth and holes, then I used matte black eye shadow to deepen the shadows. Then I used brown eye shadow around the holes to make the skin look raised.

Step 7: Starfish

I broke a starfish in half, then I used liquid latex to stick it on my face.

Step 8: Random

while that was drying I added running makeup, and contoured my bones.

Step 9: More Starfish

I stuck more starfish on my body and face .

Step 10: Blood

Now I added blood on everything!

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    2 years ago

    I love your work,u make it so simple but incredible. kudos!!


    3 years ago

    I can believe how AWESOME is this....I love mermaids but this was just incredible! You're my fave make-up artist! <3

    1 reply