Zombie Pacman Halloween Costume




Introduction: Zombie Pacman Halloween Costume

This year I wanted a special costume for halloween, so I decided to build one by myself. I had always in mind dressing like Pacman and I tried to adapt the Pacman topic to halloween.
This is what came out: kind of a Zombie Pacman I think. It's very uncomfy to wear but I think it looks awesome. I also added a flexible tube to enjoy my favourite drink at partys. I'd like to show you how I've build it to give you perhaps some suggestions if you like to try it by yourself.

Step 1: Planning

At first I planned it roughly on paper to devise the position and the size of the costume. I decided that it should cover my whole head and torso. After that I measured my torso and determined the diameter of the circle to ca. 90cm.
Now I cut out two circles of cardboard. Since I had no divider of this size and was in hurry, it ended up in  a diameter of ca. 60cm :D. That was ok too but could have been made better.
At the end I reinforced the two side walls by taping stripes of balsawood.

Step 2: Building the Frame

Next I cut a hole in the middle of each circle to let my arms slip out and cut out a triangle for the typical Pacman shape. Thereafter I connected the two circles by gluing wooden bars between them. I took about the distance of my shoulders. It would have been more clever to measure it more precisely, because holding up your shoulders like this wasn't the most comfortable way to pass the night. When this had been done, I started to face the gap between the circles with more cardboard. I also reinforced the whole costume by raking the edges with papier-mâché, which also helped to make the costume look more enclosed and was easier to coat.

Step 3: Colouring

Finally I could start colouring by grounding the costume with yellow spray paint. Since I discovered that the opacity of the spray paint I used was bad, I started using acrylic paint, which worked very well. Once the costume was grounded I started roughly with the slashed parts of the body like stomach and head. I drawed the intestinal hanging out and the brain being exposed. Bit by bit I tried to add more details like the gore and the scratches. I added cardboard teeth, which I also painted red on top, and bloodshot eyes.

Step 4: Finishing

Before wearing it, I cut out a square into the front side. The costume was now finished.

In my opinion it looked very cool, but it was build in a hurry and generally off the wall. It was not much comfortable and hard to wear at a party, but I think it payed out.

Sorry for my imperfect english. Since this is my first Instructable I'm looking forward to improve my english skill and also the way I do my Instructables. I'm already planning new projects but it's right before my finals, so my time is limited. I appreciate every constructive comment or message.

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