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Introduction: Zombie Verisimilitude

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It's official- the zombie costume has dethroned the ol' hobo as the all time most popular last-minute costume. But note the eerie similarities:

1. Find clothes and ruin them
2. Make your face and hair a mess
3. Act drunk and hungry
4. Stumble around with a sack

1. Find clothes and ruin them
2. Make your face and hair a mess
3. Act drunk and hungry
4. Stumble around without a sack

Step 1: Because I Don't Want to Disembowel Myself.

There are two reasons to go the extra mile with a zombie costume:

1. You want party-goers to think your costume is cool.
2. You want to trick zombies so they don't eat you.

You will need:
A glue stick
A narrow thing that could penetrate skin
Enough extra skin to make a fold (on a part of your body that you can show people)

You can achieve this effect with just about any narrow object. I used wires and skewers. You could try screwdrivers, shards of wood, scissors, knitting needles, spikes, sticks... surprise me.

It's as simple as applying glue to your skin, letting it dry until tacky, applying the object and pinching the skin shut.

Hold the skin pinched until the glue dries. This seems like it would be painful but it isn't... nearly as painful as actual impaling. The kiddos didn't mind at all.

Next step has all the good pics. Click next.

Step 2: That Little Kick

It's so easy. And dirt cheap. Smear on some blood or-- WHOA! I just thought of embedding pieces of chain link fence! That would be so cool.

Keep this in mind for BORG costumes too, or for authentic-looking battle damage.

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    is it paper glue stick?

    Picture on step one zombieland

    Very good post, like your comparison to hobos - lol. The effects look so realistic, it gives me the creeps. ;-) I wanted to go as a zombie this year (chose pirate, another last minute costume idea). Please keep this here, I'll check back next October...

    Great Effect, I've seen this before but forget where and because you glue the skin together it is really convincing.... To add more gore use a bit of Vampire Blood on both ends and the stick will really look as it it had gone through... Nice....

    2 replies

    Where does one find Vampire Blood? Maybe I should search Amazon or eBay, etc..

    Typically a Costume Store would have such a thing... As you said, a Google Search would do well too, shipping costs may apply but does off set the time and gas spent going from store to store in a blind search... I hope this helps....

    Please stop this. Or, if you feel like you need to continue please leave this page and take it to PM. Thanks guys.

    This is really convincing!

    Does it hold? I mean.. clue stick? Its meant for paper, isn't it?

    1 reply

    Its none of that. Most likely just a troll, or someone who was embarrassed not figuring out that the typo "clue" meant "glue", and then pretended to have been aware all along.
    But I'm embarrased to have been wasting time on it, so I'll stop now.

    1 reply

    Yeah, learning can be so annoying for some. Remember the "be nice" policy.

    One item the author forgot to mention is PhotoShop. The pics are cool and I suspect IRL, esp in dark or dim lite places, it would be difficult to see the fold.

    4 replies

    You're absolutely correct- there is a little seam. But it is shiny and flush with the skin and it's easily covered with a little makeup which I didn't have handy when I made this. You have a sharp eye!

    I meant glue ;)

    Frikken "A" So glad its not for real

    My first thought was to do a big rant and get it pulled until I read it CAREFULLY.

    Well done you had me fooled too !