Zombie Pyrography



Introduction: Zombie Pyrography

Celebrating the ghastly creatures haunting our dreams, this zombie carving will be sure to become a plaque of pride when the undead bust down your doors seeking to devour your brains. Inspired by the movie World War Z, we will teach you today how to burn unique designs into slabs of wood! 

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Step 1: Materials

1) Wooden slab 
2) Soldering Iron
IMPORTANT: Soldering irons with conventional tips will dry out. A hot knife tip or a wood-burning pencil iron is needed in order to take on this project. Please do not abuse your soldering iron. 
3) Linseed oil

Step 2: Obtain Your Wood

Either go look for a stump nearby or look for a hobbyist shop/any other woodcarving retailer in order to obtain your starting wooden slab. Look for high-quality wood with a fine grain. 

Step 3: Solder on Haha :)

Use your soldering iron to apply your terrifying design in layers. I recommend using different heat levels for different kinds of application techniques. Use high heat for deep dark lines, and low heat for lighter sketches. Generally wood-burning requires more power than soldering.

Step 4: Solder Tips

Besides the obvious, which is that soldering irons can get extremely hot and should subsequently not be fooled around with, when applying soldering irons to wood make sure you take your time. Part of the beauty of this art is the careful precision required. Start with light easy touches, and progress towards darker burns. Make sure you are in a well-ventilated room because the smell is not too pleasant.  Most importantly, do not be too aggressive while using your solder iron. 

Step 5: Add Decorative Extras

Sprinkle on dirt, grass, and anything extra to create that gritty, terrifying, zombie apocalypse look!

Step 6: Add Linseed Oil

Add linseed oil as a wood polish and sealant, to preserve and protect your final creation.

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