Zombie Shirt (T Shirt Hacks Contest)




Introduction: Zombie Shirt (T Shirt Hacks Contest)

This shirt is fun to make and makes a great addition to a zombie costume. All you need are some matches, a little dirt (not as dry as dust but not mud either), red food dye, and a shirt.

Step 1: Burning the Shirt

In this step, you will burn the edges of the shirt. Dont burn all the way around though because the shirt will fall into 2 peices. Also, dont let the fire get to big because it is hard to stop. I had to run to the sink numerous times. I suggest staying near the sink. You can also take a match a just press it into the shirt and a hole will form. BE CAREFUL, THIS IS FIRE!!! Instructables and I are NOT liable for any injuries you sustain or damage to property you cause.

Step 2: Dirt on the Shirt

Now just take a little bit of dirt and rub it into the shirt as shown in the picture. Next, shake off the extra dirt on the shirt. This gives it a nice touch if you do it correctly.

Step 3: Blood on the Shirt

In this step we will add some fake blood to make this a little more realistic. just get a spoon and pour some red food coloring into it. Now just spill it onto the shirt! Here is also a picture of the finished product.



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    Red polka dots on the shirt... I know it's blood, but looks funny. You should have just made a big drip stain from the front of the collar.

    may I suggest a mist bottle, and spray the shirt make it look like you took a bite out of the jugular and blood sprays everywhere... thanks though, cause this gives me more of an insight of what I am going to do with my zombie costume.

    just take a buket of fake blood and throw it at the shirt

    I have to suggest using spatter swing techniques with the "blood" to add a really cool natural effect.

    Turns out awesome, and the blood looks less like pepperonis.

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    Thanks for the ideas. I will have to do that sometime but at the current moment i am out of food coloring. Thanks again though.

    By the way, Hand printing the shirt with the blood near the shoulders and general throat area once or twice gives the impression that you've encountered and succumb and few juicy and struggling victims that made an attempt to hold you off in their final moments of the attack!

    First off, great take on the t-shirt hack! I love zombies and I love to see someone doing something fun like this. :) You have good photos and it was fun to read. If I may make some suggestions: Instead of just putting red food coloring randomly on the shirt, concentrate it near the tears of the shirt where you would have been "infected". Take the burned/ torn/ cur piece and dip that part into the red dye to maximize the effect. One thing to remember about blood, is that the zombie would only have blood on him from the time of his attack or if other blood gets on him. In that case, maybe try a splatter effect? Maybe suck a little red food coloring in a straw and blow it out to spray? The burns are a great idea, but don't forget tears. You can make a small puncture on a seam and tear it to look really "authentic". Perhaps on the sleeve? Great instructable! Hope you don't mind my two cents. I love zombie stuff and just wanted to throw some ideas your way. ;)

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    Thats a great idea, i didnt think of it that way, thanks, and dont forget to vote! :-)

    I'm not entering this but I know of a company that takes t-shirts and makes them into a quilt... kinda a sentimental thing. : )

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