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You look down the street and see an ocean of undead shambling aimlessly around. You've been quiet and survived this long. You decide it's not safe to be in this area searching for supplies and you should leave town. As you turn to leave you bump a garbage can and to your horror a bottle that was sitting on it begins rocking back and forth. It looks like its just about to stop when it takes a bad wobble and losses its balance tipping to the ground with an ear shattering smash. All the scratched, foggy unblinking eyes in the area turn to you and your escape route fills with cold walking bodies. At the last second you see an ally and sprint down it but like from a bad dream it's a dead end. You turn to leave but before you can the only way out of the ally is full of zombies grasping for you moaning and snapping there teeth. The only thing to do is stand and fight.
How long will you survive.

Step 1: The Games Overview

Now that you have the gripping tale of your inevitable
Doom let me explain the game.

The game is a basic tower defence game but instead of being played on a computer you play it in real life. It can be played with any number of players and can easily be adapted to many activities from shooting and archery to sports. Me and my friend invented it while fooling around with throwing knives, that is the version I will use to explain the game.


ZOMBIES:in our game the concept is, there is a zombie walking towards you. The zombie is able to take a certain amount of steps each turn trying to close the gap to get to you. The zombie A.K.A your target doesn't actually move its just a score to see when the zombie would reach you and you are eaten or in other words have lost the game.
The the game is played in turns, each set of throws equals a turn, we called them nights as in the passing of a night you survived. And each round the zombie can take more steps getting more and more difficult.

PLAYERS: we had seven throwing knives. So we said the zombie had to take seven steps to reach the player. To keep a zombie away from you you had to stick a knife into the target "knocking back the zombie". Keeping him at 7 steps away, A zombie can't go farther than 7 steps away, or you had to land one kill shot. This meant hitting a bullseye. We had drawn eyes as our bullseye. So basically you have to land at least as many hits equal to the amount of steps the zombie would take.

SURVIVAL: say on night 1 you said the zombie takes three steps. This would mean you must land three of your seven hits or 1 kill shot to keep the zombie seven steps back. If you only landed 2 the zombie would now be 6 steps away from you on your next turn. The tricky part is on your next turn its night 2 and the zombie takes 4 steps so it gets more desperate. This is also what makes it tower defence.

A lot of writing for a simple concept.

Step 2: Example of Game Play

The example will be played with two players that will be labeled p1 and p2.

NIGHT1: zombies take 3 steps and each night will be 2 rounds.

P1 goes first and gets 4 hits out of 7. The zombie is knocked back to 7 steps away. A zombie can't get further away than that.

P2 misses all shots so the zombie has advanced 3 steps being only 4 away.

P1 lands 2 hits so the zombie advances one step on him being 6 away

P2 misses all shots again the zombie is only 1 step away from his tasty brains.

NIGHT 2: zombies advance 4 steps per turn

P1 hits three shots the zombie advances 1 step making him 5 steps away.

P2 misses his first 6 shots but lands a kill shot on his last throw. The zombie is dead but another takes its place. The new zombie is again 7 steps away.

P1 misses all his shots. The zombie advances 4 steps and is only one step away.

P2 hits 4 shots in a row the zombie gets no closer.

NIGHT 3: zombies now take 5 steps per turn

P1 lands 4 hits but its not enough, he must now join the army of undead.

P2 still has to go to make the amount of turns even because both could end up dying but inn this case he can't lose because the zombie could not reach him.

We don't advance past level 5 because that requires 100 percent hit rate already to stay alive.

Step 3: Advanced or Additional Rules

Some later rules that we added added the idea of finding "supplies" or "single use items."

For example:
If you scored 7 hits in a single turn you would find an "additional knife", not actually but it gave you a one time use mulligan.

2 kill shots in a row got you a "good luck charm". You choose a turn and for that one turn your knives count for 2 hits each

3 kill shots in a row and you get the "hand gun". If a zombie reaches you you draw your trusty pistol and shoot him knocking him back 2 steps. This can only be used at the moment you should have lost.

Step 4: Adapting the Game to Your Activities

My wife has no interest in throwing knives but we do play basketball together. She likes the game idea so we adapted it for practicing free throws. The game is the exact same but a baskets knocks the zombies back a step and a swish is a kill.

Adapt it to what you do and tell me about it and please share your ideas to add more interesting rules or just make it better. Thanks to those of you the read through this.



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    Woah that looks neat thanks for sharing. I hope you guys enjoy the game.