Zombie Survival Kit

Introduction: Zombie Survival Kit

What you need to survive in a world of the living dead.

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Step 1: Obvious Supplies

•Water Possibly the most important element to surviving outdoors! You should have a bottle to store your water and some way to filter water. You can clean water by using a filter, tablets, or simply boiling it. •Backpack What holds the whole kit together is your backpack. Storing your equipment is needed for you cant hold all of your items. Make sure it is comfortable and strong. •Canned Food Non-perishable food is important for obvious reasons. •Fire Fire can be used for numerous reasons and there are also many ways to start a fire. Things to use for a quick fire can be flint, matches, and lighters. I would look into learning methods for starting fires without these materials as well. Here is a link to methods of making primitive fire. www.fieldandstream.com › Survival › Fire •Clothing For obvious reasons a few outfits are needed. Have at least one pair of long + durable, pants, a warm jacket,a few t-shirts, and a good pair of shoes for walking. Remember if cooler clothes are needed warmer clothes can always be cut to be made cool. •Light There will be times where travel in the dark is necessary. For lighting bring a few different things. A flashlight is an ideal tool for light but batteries do run out of energy. Keep a few extra batteries with you at all times. Flares are also very useful and a definite light source. Torches can also be made however they will not frighten the undead as some may think. •Shelter A tent is an excellent thing to have but isn't necessary. A plastic tarp is lighter, faster, and will do just fine. •First Aid A first aid kit is another very important aspect in surviving in a world filled with walking dead. Include ziplock bags to keep your bandages dry. Also, keep something near your first aid kit to amputate limbs for this could save someone who has been bitten.

Step 2: Weapons

•Guns Guns have been around since 1100's A.D. and have progressed ever since to become the modern weapons we know today. Having a loaded gun is a huge advantage in the zombie apocalypse. A .22 caliber gun is recommended when fighting zombies because of the plentiful supply of .22 ammunition. Consider a pistol, rifle, and maybe even a shotgun. If possible include a silencer with one of your guns for your shots can be heard and draw attention. Unfortunately guns run out of ammunition and you will soon need an alternative. •Melee Weapons A close combat weapon is very important. A melee weapon can be anything from a knife to a shovel. Just something to kill with when using your gun isn't necessary. There a multiple things you can use for this secondary weapon, but some things are better than others. Knife-Knifes are obviously a multi-purpose tool, but they can be used as a weapon. You can carry a knife in your pocket, or attach it to a gun with tape and use it as a bayonet. Screwdriver- Screwdrivers can be found anywhere and are not a bad tool for stabbing at zombies skulls. And just as a knife you can attach it to a gun. Machete/Axe- Great for hacking your way through any brush or a hoard of zombies.

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    deus ex
    deus ex

    5 years ago on Introduction

    oh by the way tend to stay away from serrated survival knives as they tend to get stuck-imagine dispatching a ghoul but unable to retrieve your weapon as dead hands grab you from behind