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Introduction: Zombie Survival Kit Guide

About: I'm part of the J.T.Z.D.U. or the Joint Tactical Zombie Defense Unit.

It is Z-day. Zombies are everywhere. As they tear into you, you wonder why you weren't prepared. Now you can be! In this guide, I will show you how to become an invincible zombie slaying survivor. I will take you through all the necessities to proper survival.

Step 1: Primary Firearm-Assault Rifle

To survive the zombie apocalypse without running and hiding ( which is always an option) you will need to be well armed. The firearm is the most effective zombie defense weapon you can carry. As seen in the picture, the M4A1 carbine is by far the best weapon you can find. Some will argue that the AK-47 is the superior zombie killing weapon. They have obviously watched to many movies and have never operated with an AK. Yet it is a great zombie defense firearm with its pros and cons. Pros of the AK-47: It is practically indestructible. It can work and shoot in any condition. It is very accurate with a long range. The ammunition and firearm itself is easy to find especially at Fleet Farms. The AK is also very small and light. It also has a wicked bayonet with wire cutters. The AK-47 is also manufactured in 5.45x39mm which is copied from the M4's 5.56 NATO round or more known as the .223 round. Cons of the AK-47: It is not as easy to field strip or disassemble as the M4. The AK does not have terrible recoil but it is hard to control. The AK is hard to bench rest ( resting the barrel and stock on something to increase accuracy) because of its large, lumpy clip. The M4A1 Carbine or the civilian AR-15 are based on Eugene Stoner's AR-10 which led to the first M-16. It is rumored that the military has lied saying the M4 is better than the AK-47. If it is, the U.S. military would have switched to an AK design a long time ago and other countries like Germany wouldn't have made there own version of the M4. Yeh, the guys who invented the assault rifle. The M4 will be not that hard to find in a zombie apocalypse because of the amount of military personal deployed who may have lost there lives. The AR-15, which is the semi-automatic version, may be easier to find. The ammo for the M4/ AR-15 is easy to find. I have read that deep in the zombie filled future, all ammo will be used and we will be left with mid evil types of fighting yet there is a way to extend the ammunition period. This is called reloading or making your own homemade bullets. This would be easier to reload than the AK's 7.62x39mm round because finding the 5.56x45mm's brass shell cases fired from military personnel whom wouldn't waste time picking up their brass. The M4/AR-15 is also simple to operate and field strip. It does jam more than the AK-47 but it is easier to disassemble. The AR-15 is semi-automatic or fires on shot per trigger pull but there are special stocks which use the recoil to make it like fully automatic. These are also available for the AK-47.

Step 2: Primary Firearm-Shotgun

The assault rifle is perfect for close quarters conflicts to long range firefights, but what if you are in a group in the city. The shotgun is perfect for anyone who can't hit the side of the barn or fights from street to street. Some essential perks for a shotgun are included. First is a large magazine to hold plenty of shells. Second is shell gauge. You want at least a 20 gauge and at most a 12 gauge. Some people just cannot pick up a firearm, shoot, and hit their target aiming down the sights. That's why you hand them a shotgun. For a person like that, you would give then a 12 gauge with a wide spread of bb's. for someone who isn't as bad, you would hand them a 12 gauge with a small spread. It's as simple as that. From playing video games one might think " I want an AA-12 ( an fully automatic shotgun)," but you are never, ever going to find one. So, you need to improvise. Some good shotguns can be found anywhere. The Remington 870 is probably the best shotgun you can find because of its large magazine capacity. It is a pump action shotgun so that means you have to manually insert each round in the chamber at a time.The trick to finding good zombie defense weapons is very easy, see what the military uses. They only pick THE best of THE best. So of course they use the Remington 870. Another good weapon is the Remington 1100 which is a semi-automatic version of the 870. If you are looking for a 20 gauge shotgun you would want the pump action Mossberg 500. The 20 gauge shell has smaller bb's compared to the 12 gauge. In fact, it is a mini version of the 12 gauge. Another popular version of the shotgun shell is the slug round yet there is no point in getting them if you have a rifle.

Step 3: Primary Firearm-Rifle

When you have to make long range shots to far for an assault rifle, you have to count on a normal rifle. What sets them apart from normal rifles are their calibers or bullet sizes. The most common rifle round is the 30.06 Springfield round. If your using a rifle, you probably always want a scope especially if you have another primary. What else sets a rifle apart from the others? They normally have a bolt and a small magazine size of about five rounds. These are bigger bullets with more knock-down power than any others yet this is not important because you need to destroy the brain and you can even do that with a .22. Most rifles are in the calibers 30.06, 7.62x51mm or the .308 NATO round, .270 Winchester, and .30-30. The best rifle to survive the apocalypse is the Remington 700. It was the favored sniper rifle of the Vietnam war. Another good sniper rifle is the M1A which is the civilian version of the M21. The M21 is the sniper variant of the M14 rifle. The M1A is chambered for the .308 round and has a high magazine capacity of up to 20 rounds. It is also semi-automatic unlike other tradition rifles.

Step 4: Secondary Firearm-handgun

It is always a good idea to have a backup weapon or a side arm if something happens to your primary weapon. Your secondary is normally going to be a handgun. Revolvers and pistols are in this category, yet revolvers aren't the better choice between the two. The pistol or automatic has a bigger magazine capacity but usually a lower caliber. The pistols can hold a drum magazine which holds up to 50 rounds. Some pistols are fully-automatic and use these to fire many rounds at a high rate of fire. The revolver commonly holds 5 to 6 rounds according to caliber. The revolvers have a higher caliber than pistols. Revolvers hold rounds such as the .357 magnum and .44 magnum while pistols are chambered for rounds such as .9mm and .45 Acp which are smaller. Like pistols, with enough experience, the revolver is quick to reload. The preferred sidearm between the two is the pistol food it's high magazine count. The preferred pistol is the Berreta 92f. It has been adopted by the U.S. military designated as the M9A1. It is chambered for .9mm and holds 15 rounds. The preferred revolver is the Taurus Raging Judge which is chambered for the .410 shotgun round. This is one of those weapons for someone who can't hit.

Step 5: Secondary Firearm-SMG

This section can be completely ignored. Finding an appropriate sub machine gun is difficult. What I mean by appropriate is smaller smg's like the Mac 10, Tec 9, or the Micro Uzi. These can be obtained only illegally. You can convert a semi-automatic one to fully-automatic but it is illegal too.

Step 6: Zombie Survival Guide

Besides firearms, there are plenty of other things you need to survive.

Step 7: Melee Weapons

Melee weapons are useful when your firearms fail you or when you need to use stealth. Melee means practically edged or blunt weapons. Edged weapons are bladed like a knife. Blunt weapons are ones with a blunt ends like a hammer. The edged weapons are used by the weaker or stealthier. The blunt weapons are used by the stronger and used for close quarters battles. The blunt takes more hits to destroy the brain while an edged weapon, such as katana, can easily, quietly, and quickly decapitate the enemy. So the blunt weapon is obviously messier than a edged weapon. The preferred edged weapon is the katana for its light weight and ability to decapitate. My personally preferred weapon is the sickle because of the different ways to kill with it , my favorite being decapitation. The preferred blunt weapon is the baseball bat. It is used for the amount of damage it deals and a propellant to keep zombies away from you. What I mean by that is when you hit a zombie it will crash to the ground or fall back. Anything can be used as a weapon in the zombie apocalypse.

Step 8: Protection

There are several ways to protect yourself asides from being inside something. There are several types of armor you can use as protection. You can even use mid evil like knight armor but there is a better form of armor. In foundries and factories, workers wear sleeves made out of Kevlar. Yes, like in the bullet-proof vests. The Kevlar sleeves are worn so workers don't cut themselves. This makes them bite-proof. There are also gloves made of Kevlar. A face shield can be worn to keep infectious blood and tissue from getting in your eyes and mouth. Protection from zombies is very easy. Wrapping a jacket in duct tape can make it completely zombie proof. Wearing leather is also a good idea. When using duct tape make sure you wrap your leg so you don't wind up like Hershel.

Step 9: First Aid

You may think that the only injury you can get in the zombie apocalypse is infection but you will still make the same stupid mistakes you make now. That's why you need a fist aid kit. Some things to include are: Burn cream Band aids Acetaminophen Eye wash Antibiotics Gauze pads Scissors Tweezers Alcohol pads And respiratory stimulants. Other less important and more common things include: Sun tan lotion Bug spray And Benadryl.

Step 10: Food and Water

Food and water is about as important as protection. That's why your survival kit needs food and water. MREs or Meals Ready to Eat which are precooked meals that take their time to expire. Some aren't very appetizing but each are packed with the proper nutrients to survive. But what happens when you run out of MREs? You must scavenge for your own food. When searching put spam and canned fruit cocktail on the top of your list. These to products are still good. The spam is also precooked. Do not eat anything open or not canned except water. Do not drink out of streams or rivers AT ALL! There good be infected in the river. Drink only from wells but when you can use ionization tablets to prevent sickness.



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    You know, if you had but googled zombie armour, you woulda come across the zombiegoboom video where they made arm bracers from shoes. Which would actually be bite proof, unless you use converse or something. And you'd be so dead of dehydration. You have supplies for one or two days. You really think enough people will die in that time for you to scavenge their food and water? And your first stuff kit is lacking. You'll need suture kits, quick clot, etc for large wounds. Having needle and thread separated like that will kill you, it isn't sterile and you really think you can thread a needle whole fishing blood from a wound? Short of an army medic, that kind of hand dexterity in a highly hostile situation is nigh impossible. And you have no rope or fire starting tools, both of which are necessary in any form of a life endangering situation.


    2 years ago

    It is so funny you all speaking about a ridiculous weapon which won't save you. If you are in the street or in an open field during a "zombie apocalipse" you will be like a bistec in a wolven cave. In case of an apocalypse zombie, the first you will need is a safety refugee with an scape way and a strong vehicle to resist the travels between the zombies hordes. Think it: the zombies probably wil be countes by thousands, even millions; and for sure you will be without bullets and tired of fighting previous to kill all them. Weapons are importante, of course, but get more worried about find a secure refugee and some food, this will be your inmmediate problems.

    I wasn't going to grab my real AR-15 so I used my airsoft.

    1 reply

    Ya, "my real one was to far away" this is damn funny

    That's cute, when you show me your M1919 you constructed and riveted piece by piece, you come talk to me. Anyway, it's about opinion. I find the AR platform to be easier to field strip than the AK platform. There are several different kinds of 7.62 rounds not just NATO. A field stripped AR is just popping the pins and extracting the receiver

    1 reply

    Thats cute, it aint like ya got an airsoft gun for your picture. I dont understand any of this, do people take this seriously?

    Your knowledge of firearms is VERY limited.

    And an the edged weapon is a katana? They are very brittle, it would be much better to use a ka-bar knife, they are near indestructible and you can use it to chop wood, unlike a katana

    92fs? Just because the military uses something doesn't mean it's good. 92fs's aren't very reliable, I would suggest a glock or 1911

    also the Germans didn't copy the m4 the Russians copied the sturmgewehr 1943 and made the ak47

    the ak is not accurate long range. it's accurate to 200-300m

    As well as 20 Guage and 12 Guage can have the same size"BB's" or shot just the 12 Guage shell holds more. The judge is garbage. The .308 isn't a NATO Rd it's SAAMI Rd 7.62x51 is the NATO Rd. I know it's a zombie thread here and fun and games but stop playing gun expert here champ.

    Your knowledge of firearms is laughable. field strip an ak is a little easier. receiver cover, return spring, bolt carrier bolt that's it. ar15. pull receiver pin remove career pull fire pin retaining pin, remove firing pin, remove cam pin, remove bolt from carrier. AK Rd isn't a "long range" Rd and isn't very accurate at those long ranges it's flight path is very "rainbowed" also the primer used in 7.62x39 or 5.45x39 isn't really reloadable and most combloc ammo is steel cased another reason you won't reload it. I think your family has firearms and you get the rest of your knowledge from YouTube top 10 videos and video games.

    I'm not saying they will be fully auto. The odds of finding a fully auto. I would never take a bolt unless I have to take long range shots. Your screwed with a bolt if you get surrounded. A melee weapon is a must have but make sure you can carry it.

    LOL @ the idea of using a full-auto rifle or SMG.
    A semi or bolt action would be much more useful - only headshots count.
    Pistols are only useful if you practice often - otherwise they are useless out side of 15 feet.
    An axe handle or ice pick or framing hammer would be way more useful to that average person than a sword - just about anybody can hit a watermellon with a claw hammer.
    Full auto SMGs, rifles, and machine guns ARE LEGAL IN THE US - you have to fill out a ton of paperwork and send it to the FBI for approval prior to transfer, just like SRB/SBS, suppressors, stocked pistols, etc.