Zombie Zipper Face Tutorial

Introduction: Zombie Zipper Face Tutorial

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Step 1: What You Need

1. A zipper 2. Spirit gum or latex 3. Red and black face paint 4. Q-tips 5. Fake blood ( homemade like in my last tutorial or store bought)

Step 2: Zipper

Put the spirit gum or latex on the back of the sipper and then very carefully apply it onto your face and wait about 4 to 5 minutes for it to dry off.

Step 3: Paint

Once the zipper has dried off, cover the inner part of the zipper with red face paint, then shade in some black paint

Step 4: Blood

Finally add some fake blood to look like flesh and fill in the blank spots with red paint and it should look something like this!!!! I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, more will be coming soon!!!!!

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    6 years ago

    When do zombies of zipper faces

    aqua 12
    aqua 12

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