Zombie Apocalypse Supply Crate



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This is modern survivle supply crate, equipped with a safety swich.To clarify If someone who does not have the key  try's  to open this crate, crate content will get  burned.This is useful if you want to arrange supplies in several places so you do not have to watch all locations at once  crate will do that for you.
For this you need:
-wooden box
-electric lock whit key
-battery (9v)
-ventilaton ( I used one from old PC)
-electric fire starter (http://www.myresearch.lt/production/Firestarter/firestarter.jpg I used LED just for show)
You need to conect positive end of battery to electric lock from elctric lock conect to switch ( when switch is open current flows into the fire starter and when is closed nothing happens, like the light in the fridge) negativ end of battery conect directly to fire starter.
There is way to hack this but I will not reveal it.
-Solar panel

All together it cost me 3$ 



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