Zombie City Tutorial (Flash Animation)




Introduction: Zombie City Tutorial (Flash Animation)

About: Iam an Aerospace engineer, animation is my hobby.
The above video shows the end result of this tutorial. Made in flash 8 took me 2 days to complete this work (3 hrs per day). I have used Wacom bamboo series tablet to make this anim, i have not tried this using mouse.

Basic settings: 24 FPS, 800% zooming anim.

Hello everyone welcome to my second tutorial. Today's tut is "How to create a zombie city in simple way". Movies like resident evil, shawn of the dead and dawn of the dead are the popular ones for reference. All the movies have the following things in common like broken skyscrapers, city with light and heavy smoke, dead bodies and damaged vehicles. I have animated the said things in this animation.

In today's tutorial the following things will be discussed:
Smoke effect
Random buildings
Zombie walk
Blood drop effect

Lets get started.

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Step 1: The Background

Background design is the most important and critical part of the animation because BG is responsible to create the expected environment for the audience. Imagine a city with broken bridges, demolished buildings, fire all over the place, torn clothes and finally walking dead. Combining all these things we get a awesome zombie city.

How i made the buildings? Its very simple i just made two sets of buildings and just duplicated it with some modifications. I have shown the process in the picture. In other picture i have given an idea about the wall designs. The final picture shows the important reasons to make a BG spooky. You can add more as you like and make it more interesting.

Step 2: Smoke and Fire Effect

The next tricky part is the smoke and fire effect. Its tricky not because of drawing you should sync the end frame with first frame correctly or else looping will be horrible. I have shown the sequence in the picture. Please take a look at it.

The loops shown in the picture were used in this animation. Please take a look at the video to know the end result.

Step 3: Zombie Walk

Before going into walk cycle i will show you the picture of the zombie head and corpse, its very simple and easy.

Now the walk cycle its just like normal walk cycle but with little ups and downs that's it. I did not post the full sequence of the walk cycle please draw some in between frames to make the animation smoother.

Step 4: Blood Drop Effect

Gravity plays the important role in Blood drop effect. The fluid drop should gradually increase its speed till 25% of the distance and  high speed from 26% till 100%. After the drop falls on the ground it splatters the sequence is shown in the picture.

Note: Used 15 layers for the movie and separately 9 layers for zombie walk. 

This is just a simple zombie animation add some more details and color it to look more real.
Thank you for referring my tutorial, see you all in next tut.

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