Zombie Survival


Introduction: Zombie Survival

Caught in a zombie apoculypse unprepered?
Well,sucks for you but, reading this could save your life.

Step 1: Your Dead Situation

In Theses situations you are dead.Nothing, exept a miniguner can save you.

Step 2: What Not to Do

Now, your first thought is to go with the athurates.Well, then your WRONG!
going with them will always get you killed.Your best chance is to take it alone or with a group.
I recondem a group of 3 or 4.

Step 3:

Now, who do you think will survive? The busness man or the guy with the shot gun.Shot gun guy right but, if you chose the busness man you should leave this page.

Step 4:

This is what should be in you bug out bag.
.35 revolver
300-500 rounds
5Days of Dh Food
5 days of Water
Survival Knife
assuilt rifle
12.g Shotgun
Flint bar
Solar panels
multi tool
claw gloves
bow staff
flash light
Road atlas
canned food
crow bar 
hand crank radio, a NOAA Weather Radio tone alert extra batteries for both  
Flashlight and extra batteries
First aid kit 
Dust mask   Moist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties
Wrench or pliers
can opener for food
Household chlorine bleach
Feminine supplies and personal hygiene item
Cash or traveler's checks and change
Emergency reference material first aid book survival manuals The Zombie Survival Guide Recorded Attacks World War Z Zombie Survival Kit
Sleeping bag or warm blanket for each person.
Complete change of clothing including a long sleeved shirt, long pants and sturdy shoes.
gas mask
My Crew:
police oficer
My Vehical:
Armored car

Step 5:

Now, that your preped the last thing you should know is avoid hords like this.



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    Unreasonable proportions in ammo water and weapons unreasonable vehicle where would you find an armored truck with keys and it would use far too much gas

    I have my own zombie alliance

    did u really say authurates? did you mean authorities? and did you know 5 days of water would weigh 40pounds? that alone is more than most people can carry let alone in a bag with other stuff including 300-500 rounds of ammo for a handgun and a shotgun too? that bag is about the size of my trunk of my car. rethink this and maybe choose the fantasy world or real world. this is a site for real world things that teaches others how to make/improve things.

    2 replies

    Yea true, this is maybe the worst zombie survival guide of all time. I mean even the 3-4 people in your group would have a hard time carrying all that stuff and you would be moving very slow. also, where are you gonna find an armored car? this guy needs to read zombie survival guide...


    3 years ago

    I recondem an English class

    To much pack less

    This instructable really helped me,thanks

    You made it seem as if it was a video game.also you contradicted yourself a few times.try to make it life like.

    So avoid authority? But yet you have a police officer in your group. Way to contradict yourself.

    There are so many other faults, but it would just make you depressed to list all of them. Just a tip. You should not act as if a Zompoc is just a video game. You won't need an engineer or any of that stuff

    Also why exactly would you need cash? It's an apocalypse

    Your also adding way to many unimportant items. Bow staff? Nope. Bow and arrow? Nada.

    I'm sorry but do you really think a bag of that size or really any size could carry all of that? Not likely friend.

    That's way to much for that bag to hold and way to much for you to carry you want to be light have a gun have a melee weapon and a long range weapon and make sure they are somewhat quiet also you might want to establish a spot were you will try and makes shelter that can withstand the zombie hordes that may or may not come

    Nice to see you having a go at an instructable, but you need to tweak it a bit:

    First, use photos you have taken yourself, or to which you possess the right to use (say, from a Creative Commons source).

    Second, you need to fix the language, say, by running it through a spell-checker in a word-processor (or, if you are using a browser like Firefox, you can install a dictionary add-on that which watch your spelling as you type).