Zootopia Bellewether Headpiece



Introduction: Zootopia Bellewether Headpiece

Simple Halloween headpiece with just fabric, foam balls, hot glue, and headband.

Material :

_3/4 yard of furry fabric (any kind that resembles sheep wool)

_1/4 yard soft pink color fabric for inner ears

_hot glue gun and hot gue sticks

_styrofoam balls for structure (1 with 5 inch diameter, 5 with 4 inch diameter)

_1 headband

_1 safety pin

Step 1: Making the Top Bun

Wrap the 5-inch styrofoam ball to a corner of the furry fabric and glue.

Put on a headband on your head, place the styrofoam ball with fabric over your head to where you want it to be so that the rest of the fabric drapes over the sides of your faces.

Take everything down carefully making sure the position where the styrofoam ball and headband touches is still aligned, and glue the headband to the styrofoam ball.

Step 2: Adding Structure for Bottom Hair Volume

Hot glue the 5 styrofoam balls together so that the curvature fits around your neck like a neck pillow.

If you want to save some money, you can use cardstock as an alternative. Simply make rings with 4-inch diameter, stack them into a tube that fits around your neck, and hot glue them together. (I was going to put in structure on the front of my neck as well, but decided not to, so ignore the smaller tube on the bottom)

Put on the headband and fit the styrofoam pillow around your neck. Smooth the fur around the styrofoam pillow, take everything off and glue the fabric and styrofoam pillow together. Trim off excess fur (make sure you have enough to cover the front of your neck).

Step 3: Adding Ears

Cut two strips of the same furry fabric and two strips of the pink fabric to about 6 in. by 12 in. with one end cut to be rounded (I want the width to be around 4 to 5 inches wide so I added about 0.75 inches to each side for hot gluing allowance. Mine ended up being about 13 inches long but in retrospect, 11 in. might have been a better length.)

Lay one piece of fur with one piece of pink fabric together, fold the edges inward between both pieces and hot glue between the folded edge for a seamless look.

Repeat for the other ear.

Fold the ears in half to create the ear fold, and hot glue them on the head. (It's helpful to put on the head on yourself and pin the ears where it look good before you glue)

Step 4: Dress Up

Finally, put on the headpiece and use a safety pin to pin the fabric in the front to cover everywhere else besides your face.

You can use it as a regular sheep headpiece as well and have fun with makeup (I ended up doing a quick wolf makeup to look like a wolf in sheep's clothing).

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