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Yeah I know, it's kinda creepy! Sh.

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Step 1: First

I used a temporary hair color in white, then I matted down my eyebrows so I could cover them up, then I painted my hair orange with paint from my mehron paradise pallet.

Step 2: Base

I used a white eyeliner to sketch out my look.

Then I painted the top of my face orange, leaving my eye spot clear.

Then I painted the bottom part of my face white.

Step 3: Nose

I filled in my nose with black from the paradise pallet.

Step 4: Shadows

I started some shadows with a matte orange eye shadow from ULTA.

Step 5: Eyebrows

I made a dark orange/brown color by mixing together orange and brown from the paradise pallet and filled in my eyelids and eyebrows.

Step 6: Black Out

Using black I blacked out my ears and part of my neck. I also used that black to fill in the mouth. (creepy smile)

Step 7: Gray

Using gray eye shadow I added shadow to the white fur and I also mapped out my face shape.

Step 8: Fur

To give myself a better fur look I used that same dark orange/brow color REALLY watered down with a fan brush and drug it over the orange. Then I took a gray paint form Snazaroo VERY watered down and dug that over the white.

Step 9: Eye Base

Taking white face paint from the paradise pallet I filled in the eyes and set it with a matte white eye shadow. THen I used black eye shadow to go around the eyes.

Step 10: Outline

Next I outlined everything with the black body paint.

Step 11: Eyes

Using metallic green from my mehron metallic pallet I put that in the center of my eyes. Then I used black for the pupils then white for a shine.

Step 12: Body

I used black orange and white to fill in the neck, then I used green to fill in the shirt.

Step 13: Shadows

Using green and black eyeshadow I filled in around the tie.

Step 14: Tie

Using blue and red I filled in the tie.

Step 15: Shadow

Using black eye shadow I shadowed EVERYWHERE.

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    3 years ago

    Hi - wow as always your work is amazing - have posted some of your creations on the F/B page PROTO - TYPE - CHAT under the title of INSPIRATIONAL INSTRUCTABLES,
    gotta get the word out about the quality of finished characters you present t the site.
    No one does it better :-)

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    If ya got the chance it would be great to hear from you - maybe say a little about yourself, your latest work in progress or things that inspire you etc.


    Reply 3 years ago

    I can do that, would you like me to start adding it to my description? or you just want me to say it in the comments? Haha. also thank you. =P


    3 years ago

    Creepy af