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Zuppa Toscana is such a classic in America and especially in my house. It's so easy to make and it requires only one pot! What!!! Seriously, I love when you only need one pot and don't need to worry about a ton of dishes to wash afterwards because sometime it's hard enough getting dinner on the table, let alone working about washing dishes. This is an Olive Garden copycat and I love to recreate it in my kitchen and make a ton of it. If you want to make your own Zuppa Toscana, just follow the step by step intractable below or watch the video tutorial here:

Step 1: Ingredients & Tools


  • 4 slices bacon (chopped thinly)
  • 1 lb. hot Italian sausage (take off the casing)
  • 1 large onion (chopped thinly)
  • 6 large russet potatoes (cubed)
  • 3 T chicken bouillon
  • 3 cloves garlic (minced)
  • Salt and Pepper (to your tasting)
  • Red pepper flakes (to your taste)
  • 1 T Italian seasoning
  • 2 bunches of kale
  • 1 C heavy cream
  • Parmesan to serve


Step 2: Cook Bacon

In a large stockpot cook bacon till crispy, take out of stockpot and let cool. I placed it on a paper towel to soak.

Step 3: Cook Sausage

After cooking bacon, add sausage (casings removed) and onion and garlic in same stockpot and sauté until sausage is brown. Be sure to break the sausage in smaller pieces with the spatula so it can cook thoroughly and be small bite sized.

Step 4: Remove From Pot

Take out sausage, onion and garlic from the pot. I placed it right on top of my bacon from the previous step.

Step 5: Cook Potatoes

In same stockpot add water enough to cover potatoes, potatoes, bouillon, salt, red pepper flakes, pepper and Italian seasoning and bring to boil. Once at a boil let mixture simmer and cook potatoes till fork tender.

Step 6: Return Ingredients to Pot

To the pot, add in kale and return the bacon and sausage mixture. Then add cream and continue to simmer for about 10 mins. It will look like there is way too much kale in the mixture, but will all simmer down.

Step 7: Serve and Enjoy

Sever with freshly grated parmesan. Enjoy!

Step 8: Video Tutorial

If you prefer a video tutorial, you can watch it here!

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    5 months ago

    Oh boy. I've never had the OG version but this looks so good. I have been so sick, so hopefully my hubby will give your recipe a go for my sake! :)

    1 reply
    FOOD by Lydsattosa

    Reply 5 months ago

    Yeah it's great! Hope you feel better soon! I'm sure you can convince him to make it! :-)


    5 months ago

    That looks delicious! Saving this one for a cold weekend :D

    1 reply
    FOOD by Lydsjessyratfink

    Reply 5 months ago

    Thanks Jessy! Love your Instagram class, I'm trying to follow your instructions there :-)