a Recycled Organizer.


Introduction: a Recycled Organizer.

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Hi! Today I am telling you how to make a recycled organizer for your file. It is super easy. Everyone has old stuff at home which is useless so we throw it away... This organizer is made up of simple stuff which you must have at home as it is everyday stuff but it isnt used that much. This organizer is totally my idea and and it is recycled. You wont need to go into a fuss about buying things. It took me less than an hour to make. When I purchased the binder it was like every other binder, plain and black. I personalised it. So, lets first go through it. On the front, It has a rabbit, grass, a tree and my name. Also some beads. On the inside-left, there is a pen pocket and two compartments to put things which are not yet punched. On the inside-right, there is my name card and an pocket attached over a designed plastic. This will really organize your folder up. Also I will tell you how to make a simple bookmark and how to attach your pencil pouch to your binder, but you can also take it off easily. So lets get started!

Step 1: Gathering Supplies.

Nothing can be made out of nothing! So is the same case here. Here is a list of things you will need to make this organizer. And hopefully, you wont have to buy anything as it is recycled.

1. An elastic

2. Your pencil pouch

3. Paper clips

4. A ribbon

5. Glue gun

6. Tape

7. Chart paper

8. Markers

9. Scissors

10.Plastic sheet

11. 2 Paper banks

12. Some paper

13. A black permanent marker.

14. Stickers

15. UHU pads.

16. Punch Manchine

Step 2: THe Front

To decorate the front, cut out a tree and some grass. Stick them on the folder. Then cut out a rabbit or any of your favourite characters. Then cut out a speech bubble and write your name on it. Stick them on the folder. Cover the folder with plastic sheet.

Step 3: The Inside-left

Take one paper bank and stick it on the inside left with tape. ( apply tape only on the left and down side). Before sticking it be sure that the open side of the paper bank is facing upwards. Now, fold the right side of the paper bank about 5 cm and stick with stickers.

Step 4: The Inside-right

Take a blank piece of paper. Scribble a design, your name, a drawing or stick your picture on it. Place the paper inside the paper bank. Cut out a small rectangle, 1 cm small from each side than your business card. Colour it black with permanent marker. Now paste it on the paper bank. Paste your business card on the black piece of paper. Now make a small envelope (You can find the instructions on internet) and paste it on the paper bank. Decorate the paper bank with stickers. Punch it and put in your file.

Step 5: Bookmark.

Take a paper clip. Colored look more fancy and cute. Wrap a ribbon around it. Your bookmark is ready.

Step 6: Attaching the Pencil Pouch.

Take your elastic and wrap it round the pencil pouch once. Cut 3 cm less than you need. Now attach it to your pouch by using glue gun. Now, get it over the ffront over. And its ready!!



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    This is also a good way to make a scrapbook or a recipe book.