A Corpse Blucky (blow Molded Skeleton)




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in this instructable, i will show you how i corpsed a Blucky skeleton.

you will need:

1 Blucky skeleton
1 can great foam
a dremel or razor knife
masking tape
2 pairs of pantyhose
1 tub carpet adhesive *edited to add* BE SURE you get the HENRY brand of carpet adhesive. no other kind will dry overnight! HENRY is available at Lowes for $13.00 a gallon.
hair (either real or fake)
wood stain
paint brush
rubber gloves
something to use as a drop cloth


Step 1: Fix the Defective Joints If Needed

the Blucky i chose to work on is a bargain basement Blucky, literally. when i made the trek to the Spirit Store and Party City last October, i happened upon some marked down Bluckies. they were 10 bucks, and not guaranteed to not fall apart in the store, lol. the hip and shoulder joints were very loose! so i got a buggy and picked up a couple of them. the cashier pointed out that they were defective, did i still want them? of course i did! 10 bucks instead of 12, for something that i'm going to probably screw up anyway...

so the 1st order of business is to fix the defective joints. i decided to disassemble it, and fill the bones with spray foam insulation. then re-assemble. hoping this will meld the pieces together well, and add a little weight. nothing looks faker than a Blucky blowing in the wind!

it is laid out on the counter at the shop. the customers kept giving me strange looks.. can't imagine why! so i figure the excess that is oozing out can easily be trimmed away. i do have a back-up plan in case the spray foam won't hold firmly enough. it involves hot glue. hopefully it won't come to that though... the panty hose i plan on applying next should bind things well.

Step 2: Stage 2

stage 2 of the Blucky. cutting his arm and leg bones to more closely resemble an actual body. i used my Dremel, and a razor knife to trim them up. i made a HUGE mess, and had fun. i'm sure i didn't do such a great job on this, but it is my 1st time.

Bluckies lower arms and legs are made of 1 solid bone, not like a real person, so i trimmed it to make it look a lil more realistic. the bones are marked, use a dremel to trim it out. then use masking tape to close the bones off.

Step 3: Trim Out the Ribs and Face

using the dremel or a razor knife, trim the ribs,eyes, and mouth. BE CAREFUL! the eyes are fairly easy to trim.. the mouth is tricky! the ribs are difficult, too... some screw ups are going to happen... just do the best you can!

Step 4: Pantyhose

now get out your 2 pairs of tan pantyhose. put one pair on Blucky regularly. the other pair, i put the arms into the legs and the crotch went over the head. you'll have to use something to draw the material up to the neck. i used a zip tie. use the razor knife to make cuts in the 'skin'. this will allow some of teh bones to show through.

Step 5: Latex Time!

now you'll be ready to latex your Blucky! this stuff SMELLS badly. open a door, do it outside... don't be in a shut up area with this stuff!
put down a dropcloth of some sort, put on the rubber gloves, and start smearing. i started at the head and smeared my way down. it went on easily, just make sure you get all the pantyhose coated well.

*edited to add* remember: HENRY brand carpet adhesive is the ONLY kind that will dry to the touch within 24 hours! Henry Brand Carpet Adhesive is available at Lowes for $13.00 a gallon.

Step 6: Staining Blucky

i have been told that it takes a long time for carpet latex to dry... but mine was touchable within 24 hours. your dry time may vary due to climate and how thickly you smeared the latex on.

i bought MinWax mahogany gel stain for my Blucky. it gave him a nice caramelized appearance, sorta like a rack of ribs, lol. you can use 2 or 3 different colors of stain if you want, it's up to you!

use a paintbrush and just brush it on. avoid the areas cut out of the pantyhose, you don't want to hide the bones peeping through!

you can add hair and eyes if you want to. we are probably going to put an LED inside the chest cavity and possibly inside the skull to light it up and make it stand out more.

i hope you've enjoyed my instructable, and if you have any questions, message me! i'll be glad to help in any way i can!



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Looks really good (or 'bad' depending on how you look at it) I needed a corpse too, and ended up with the same skeleton (I couldn't afford a better one)

    I used the technique from this instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Corpse-a-Skeleton-The-Quick-and-Dirty-Way-/

    I added teeth, and hair from a wig I got at a garage sale for $.50

    And came up with (see picture):


    10 years ago on Introduction

    End product looks like a Half Life 2 fast zombie. lol. This is a good thing.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Great instructable. I started to wonder how this would turn out when you started using the panty hose, but you seem to have figured out your process very well, and it looks great. I would make just one suggestion. Try using different shades of stain to bring out the curves of the bones. (Darker for the recessed areas and the edges of the skin tears) I look forward to seeing more instructables like this from you soon!

    8 replies

    thanks for the cool comment! this one is going to be burned at the stake ( hills have eyes style) so i wanted him to look kinda... crispy! i do agree about the different stain colors. my next Blucky will have 2 or 3 colors to him.

    I see! When you have your entire setup done, post some pictures or video of it! I would love to see your setup! I came into possession of a corpse-type prop that someone had made using papier mache` and hot glue for the rotting skin. (I have no idea how they got a hold of colored hot glue) But it looked disgustingly real. Sadly I had to give it away to a friend because it creeped the bugeezies out of my girlfriend.

    LOL, sounds like a cool prop you had! too bad you had to get rid of it :( this Blucky scared the crap outta my husbands' bosses daughter! she ran screaming from the backroom and refused to go in there again!

    we began on November 1st planning and sketching... and now we've begun actual projects. only 265 days til Halloween! :-)

    Hahahaha.... We all think that... Therefor, we are all EMO!!!! JK.... JK....Or am I JK'ing..... I don't know.... Am I emo? Are you emo? Are you and I emo? Is the whole world emo? Is my DOG emo?.... Kidding... but we all know one thing. Sasuke is emo.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Most Excellent, well done! Thanks for sharing.