Scrolling Rear Bike Light.




Bike light made from a scrolling convention badge and a old broken bike light.
pretty simple stuff.

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Step 1: A Scrolling Badge

This little scrolling badge is for geeky convention goers. i got it from ebay a few years ago.

I would just use this the way it is, but the battery compartment is on the bottom and could fall out and get lost from going over a bump.

Step 2: Take Apart the Badge

Remove the tiny screws from the badge. take out the board.

Step 3:

Take all the guts and metal battery clips out of the bike light.

Step 4: Make Everything Fit

I placed the circuit board on the lens. then drilled a hole to match where the on/off switch is.
I had some plastic circuit board standoffs that were the right size after i cut part of it off.

the switch works well, you have to open the light to program the message or change the battery.


Destroy any plastic parts that get in the way of the light closing properly

Step 6: Completed Light.


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    Awesome idea... the only problem I can see is that there are couple-second periods where there's no rear light. Not critical if there are other lights/blinkies on the back of the bike, but could be dangerous if not.

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