A Dress for Gg's Garden

2 bodice front on fold
4 bodice back
Dress front on fold
2 dress back
9 3” strips in contrasting fabrics at least 3 of each I did 6 of one 3 of one
Bloomer front on fold
Bloomer back on fold
Coordinating bias tape(I used white)
¼” elastic
Waist band elastic

1. Sew 3 inch strips into tubes, turn out and press with seam in the center, top stitch on each edge of each strip/tube
2. Use long/basting stitch to down the center of each strip and pull center thread to create ruffles
3. Mark on dress front and backs across lower dress 4 inches from bottom and every 2 inches, pin ruffles in place and sew down, remove long/basting seam
4. Sew dress fronts to dress backs and top stitch
5. Stitch to dress backs together leaving top portion unsewn
6. Attach bodice front to bodice back, repeat with remaining front/backs
7. Sew two bodice portions together, right sides together, along neck and arm holes
8. Use long/basting stitch on top edge of dress parts, pull to create ruffling, attach to dress bottom, top stitch
9. Install zipper on back
10. Hem bottom of dress
11. Sew bias tape 1” from hem on inside of bloomers
12. Sew the hem of the legs on the bloomers
13. Use safety pin to thread elastic threw the bias tape to create leg ruffles
14. Sew bloomer front to bloomer back
15. Create fold over casting for bloomer waist and insert waistband elastic



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