A Few Toys for Your Pets That Are Made From Things Around Your House

Introduction: A Few Toys for Your Pets That Are Made From Things Around Your House

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Step 1: Rabbit Toy

my rabbit gets board so i do this

when either your paper towel or toilet paper roll is empty instead of throwing it away
fill in with timothy hay and set it in your rabbits cage,they like to throw it around and chew
it. you can also get creative and only fill it half way with timothy hay then put 1 or 2 baby
carrots then fill the rest with the hay,they like to explore and try to find their food.

                                                    note:its ok if they eat some of the card board its harmless.

you can buy timothy hay at walmart

Step 2: Easy Cheese

enhance your dog toy by filling it with easy cheese.
it will keep them buysey. but dont give this to them every day...only use it every now and then so they dont get board with it.

Step 3: Keeps Them Buesy

dose you dog bark,scratch on doors,and beg.......

well......... keep him/her buesy by bringing your choice of beef broth to a boil and add you dogs bone  in to the
beef broth for five min. the bone will soak up the broth and make it irisistible for dogs to chew.

                                 note:let the bone cool off for 10 min. before the dog chews on it.

Step 4: Thank You

do you have a pet that needs a homemade toy ? just leave a comment below,and tell me who needs one and i will give you one.


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    7 Discussions


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I actually have a cockatiel and mine dosnt really like to play with anything but all bird are different, so if you wana try somthin I would suggest getting some multi colored straws and weaving them through through the bars of the bird cage, sometimes they like to pull them out and chew on them....


    Reply 2 years ago

    you spell busy wrong


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    for a hamster , take an empty tissue box and cut it in half, so when you stand it up it makes a cute house,. BUT BE sure you remove any plastic on the box so the hamster dosnt eat it,:)

    ok, for a bed my parents made my dogs a nice dog bed using base boards from an old bed,they made the dog bed about 4 feet long, they put ply wood fore the matress then added old blankets to give it cushen, and it stands of the ground giving it a cute look, ill see if I can find I pic to give an example, for a toy,: take an old pair of jeans and cut the leg right off, tie the ends and it makes a great rope like toy, and its practically free. the pic is kinda like what I have but its not 2 stories and its a lot longer but I think u have an idea


    6 years ago

    My dog needs an indestructible toy(s) and bed