A Gerbil's Favourate Things

this is my first Instructable so please be nice and the pictures are'nt of great quality.

if you have a gerbil you will probably know that they chew up nearly every thing. you may not realise it, but you have probably got every thing you need somewhere in your house. such as:-
- hard or soft empty toilet roll tubes depending on whether you want your gerbil to gnaw it all up or not.
- plastic or cardboard pots.
- wide neck bottles, or just cut a bigger hole in the top just below the neck of the bottle.
- paper to make small treat boxes
- a slot together play pen from wood or cardboard

Step 1: Empty Toilet Roll Tubes

these are simple to get hold of just wait for the bog roll to come to an end, you might want to collect these and put them under your bed or something, its easier this way because you don't have to wait for them all the time. also, make sure the toilet roll is big enough for you gerbil to go through cos there are some smaller cardboard tubes, such as silver foil rolls and cling film or as some people say selophane or however you spell it. simple as.:]

Step 2: Small or Big Pots

these can be used for keeping treats in as well as putting it in the cage for your gerbil to play around in.

the best pots are the sort you buy milkshake in with a screw on lid, the gerbils love them.

yoghurt pots are also good

Step 3: Bottles

if you can, try to get hold of a drinks bottle like a small fanta or tango bottle, something like that. then simply cut the top off so the hole is big enough for you gerbil to climb in, you can also cut another hole or even more if you want in the sides and/ or top.
its all really easy.

Step 4: Paper Boxes

all you need for this is a pies of paper, a pencil, a ruler and a treat. -string- (optional)

print off or draw a cube/box net add slot together tabs and not glue because it may harm your gerbil.
slot it all together and put in a little treat.
these boxes are great fun for you little pet and fun to watch the your gerbil try and figure out how to get the treat out

you can also put pin holes in the sides of the box so the gerbil can smell it a bit better
you could even make a loop on the top and hang it up by a piece of string.
just remember to cut the drawn on marks off because the ink can and will halm your gerbils :(

Step 5: Play Pens

play pens are also quite easy to make, just get four pieces of wood or cardboard the size you want or that fit in you bedroom or something and the good thing about it is that you can put it away when you don't want it in you way.
materials for wood pen
- wood at least a foot high (they can jump quite high)
- saw
- sand paper to smooth down the rough edges so your gerbil wont scratch or cut its self
- pencil
- ruler

materials for cardboard pen
- cardboard
- scissors
- pencil
- ruler

measure half way up each bit of wood/cardboard and make a mark at each end

measure the thickness of the bits of wood/cardboard and cut a slot going towards the middle and stop at the centre. do it from the opposite side on the other end and repeat for all of the pieces of cardboard or wood.

slot the pieces together and your all set.

Step 6: Thank You

thank you for using my Instructable and I hope my ideas work for you.

here are a few pictures of my gerbil 'peanut'.

please can you leave some comments they would help a lot.
if you would like me to make another instructable about teaching them tricks the just leave a comment at the bottom.

thank you



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    21 Discussions


    5 years ago

    does it work for hasters


    9 years ago on Step 6

    Awww, Peanut is SO CUTE!!! I have a guinea pig named Peanut! Actually, I have four guinea pigs. Great job on your instructable, it helped me a lot!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    i apologise if i seemed abrupt, i am quite passionate about animals, and wouldnt suggest something unless i was 100% sure that its 100% safe. again my sincere apologies. Never dust - I mean that the particles are too small, and can be inhaled by a small animal easily, Larger animals do not seem to have this problem (rats, degus, jirds, chinchillas) But for a smaller rodent, use chinchilla sand, the particles are larger and cant be inhaled so easily. BTW - are the gerbils in the photo yours? they are very cute! i used to have 2, then one ate the other and got ill and died ( they were both 3 years old and were littermates) so I've gone back to hamsters... But i love gerbils still.

    1 reply

    10 years ago on Introduction

    It doesn't. I have researched gerbils, spoken to vets, spoken to small animal vets. What does cause respiritory diseases, is ignorance. For instance - using chinchilla dust in a dustbath - NEVER dust too small. parts are breathed in and THIS causes respritory diseases. Why do you even think that?

    Ok well I was at school and this kid brought in his female gerbil and its little gerbil-lets. Well they needed a home so I volunteered to take one home. I think the kid said the babies were like 2 weeks old. I never had rodents before so I need to know what to feed him/her (right now he/she eats little pieces of apple and a crushed-up cracker). Are those things ok? But thanks for this ible im going to go make the things in here rite now. Oh, and how do you tell if your gerbil is male or female? As you can tell i dont know yet. E-Mail me and we'll talk gerbil!

    2 replies

    Hey you shouldnt give your gerbil salted foods. You can just buy a package of dried food at petsmart. I think that it works well.

    dont feed it too much apple hard fresh fruits, nuts and some kinds of seeds like sunflower seeds are best as treats not there main diet because they can become obeise if fed too many treats. go to a pet shop and buy some proper gerbil food not hampstere or any other rodent food it has to be gerbil food because hampsters have a different diet and so do mice and rats. hampster, mice, and rat food all contain food that can make your gerbil fat such as sunflower seeds and others. im not sure if crackers are ok to feed gerbils ill have to find out but i read somewhere that you mustn't feed your gerbil human snacks or treats. but feeding your gerbil hard fruit and sunflower seeds is ok just not as a main diet eg. a bowl full every time you fill it up again i would say that a small hand full a day at the most. male gerbils have a small pouch quite close to their tail and the females dont hav a pouch at all.i hope this helps and good luck with your gerbil :)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Hey anyone with a gerbil out there that wants to join a group only about gerbils? I have just created a group called Gerbils. Anyone with a gerbil can join.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    just like to comment. Plastic of any kind should not be given to gerbils, they are likely to swallow it, and it can perferate their organs & if that doesnt happen plastic is addictive to gerbils. Other then that its great. Just try to stick to cardboard. BTW gerbils love socks. Also, give em a teeshirt to chew up. Leave in the cage for 2 days take out, wash and you have a one of a kind gerbil approved top :) BTW wear a top underneath, depending on where the holes are...


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I can't give my gerbils plastic toys, they tear it apart. What works nicely too is a tissuebox, or a roll of toiletpaper.. funny how the cheapest toys keep them interested the most.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    your gerbil doesn't bites its plastic wheel?


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Hi this is good! I love my two gerbils to "chester and buster" . i love the name peanut !!!! but i cant beliave you only keep 1 on its own. you need to keep at least 2 or they get sad they are not solitary animals.oh well hope yours is ok. i keep mine in a big aqaurium with a home made wood and metal mesh lid. please can i gave your email address so we can talk you can message me privately if u wont.