A Good Way to Get Directions





Introduction: A Good Way to Get Directions

have you ever been lost in some random city (or country) where you don't know your way around and you have a deadline? this is a cheap and easy way to find your way where you need to go, by following a taxi.

Step 1: Getting the Taxi

usually, if you are in a city, you can find a payphone, and a phone book. almost always, taxi services have their number in the book, for an easy way to reach them. call a taxi.

Step 2: What to Tell the Driver

when the taxi driver gets there, tell him you would be willing to pay him a modest amount if he would drive in front of you, and lead you to where ever you want to go.

Step 3: The Payoff

when you get to your destination, pay the taxi driver a small amount for his troubles. this way, you get to your destination, while you couldn't get in a taxi and leave your car, but you end up at your destination in time. plus, think of all of the money you could save by doing it this way, rather than getting some gps!



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    With the falling prices of GPS systems, it would be cheaper to buy a GPS.

    When we were traveling on a budget, and were out of cash, we figured out a really easy way to get around. Just follow the buses! For example, in London we wanted to go to see the Tower of London, so when we saw a "Tower Hill" direction bus, we just walked that direction. Obviously this isn't going to help in every case, but on a nice day and you're not in a hurry (and lacking a map), it works and is actually kind of fun.

    I admire your ingenuity however GPS's (I guess that's how you spell it) are 100 bucks or less now and pay for their self.

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    i guess, but they don't always work very well out of the country, and this is a pretty cheap way

    GPS's work everywhere. They use satellites, so they have to. Also, GPS is GLOBAL positioning system. The name gives it away.

    Some don't have road maps for other places. Although they can tell you where you are with coordinates, they are useless unless you know the coordinates of where you are headed.

    One of the cheapest ways to get a GPS is a USB laptop GPS device. I bought one for about $20 US. It is the best purchase I ever made. Some come with software, others don't. Microsoft Streets and Trips costs $40 (at most) and works with almost all USB GPS's. It's truly an amazing program, and if your staying somewhere for a while, then you may pay off all those taxi fares. PS. Streets and Trips doesnt work in other countries (except Canada), but there are programs for Europe and Asia (made by Microsoft too).

    How many times have you tried this? I can't imagine a cab driver not charging you the same amount, like crapflinger said.

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    i've done it a few times, and they do generally cost the same....... but this is for if you can't leave your car there, and need to be with it at all times. also, this is if you are in a different country, and you don't have internet, and they speek different languages.

    uhhhh...... mapquest?...... google maps?........ a map? all free or less than 5 bucks

    assuming there's a cabbie that's willing to do this....they'd probably charge you the exact same fair as they would if you were in the cab itself...so park your car and ride in the cab instead