A Lily Rose Petal Ornament

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Intro: A Lily Rose Petal Ornament

all you need to make this is a rose petal, some white clay, assorted paints, a toothpick and some caviar beads. Step 1; Get your rose petal and some clay and shape your clay to the rose petal. Step 2; After you have finished that, make five big petals and three small ones, the pattern is every second one so one big petal and one small one. Once thats done get your rose petal shaped clay and make small white balls of clay and put them around it. Step 3; get your paints and paint the lily yellow and the rose petal red, then get your toothpick snap it in half and stick them in the middle of the lily and it should go through the petal as well to secure it. Step 5; get the caviar beads and sprinkle them in the middle like shown in the picture. Hope you enjoy making this!

instead of painting it yellow and red you can paint it whatever colour you want.



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