A Musical Harmonica Holder for Homesteaders




Introduction: A Musical Harmonica Holder for Homesteaders

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Introduction- Homesteaders like to play a harmonica hands free. They then then play other instruments along with the harmonica. Make this holder in 2 hours. cost about $4.00 for the wire frame and aluminum sheet.

You will need a hacksaw and pliers and screw driver. You can use ordinary 6-32 machine screws to assemble.

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Step 1: Step 1. Cutting the Frame From Cage.

Prep- Cut with a hacksaw the wire hoop for the neck and chest support as shown here. Smooth out the cut edges.

Next, drill.14 dia holes in the aluminum .05 thick piece as shown.The thickness is not critical. Use any metal on hand .

To aid in support I used a small 90 deg. bend at the ends of the aluminum strip.This is easy to do on a vise.

Mounting - The Aluminum strip is attached to the sides of the cut -out up-rights. using clamping washers and the 6-32 screws and nuts. The washers can be hand made or use standard 1/2 in to 3/4 in. diam. washers.

Step 2: Instrument Holder Assembly

Prep- Use any thin aluminum sheeting as house siding aluminum about .02 in. thick and preferably springy and cut with shears..

Bend as shown- A standard 5 inch harmonica will fit. Use slightly wider bed than Harmonica width of 3/4 inches.

Same bed can be used for small harmonicas by inserting a thin pad of sponge at both edges as a clamp.

Assemble- use 6-32 screws .

Step 3: Final Preparation

Neck padding-At the back of the neck use a slit tubing over the .10 dia. wire . for at least 7 inches. Not necessary for any-one with a sweater or shirt collar to protect the skin.

Chest pad-The two feet that contact the chest may need a pad to support one while playing. Use slit pvc tubing or soft rubber tubes about 1/2 in. long . Use rtv to glue in place.Foam tape can be used also.Rtv is silicone rubber glue.

Step 4: Playing the Harmonica

Inserting- The harmonica is slid into the holder from the side. If it is too loose just press the sides of the aluminum holder together. The top edges of the sides must be smooth for the lip of the player.

Head-Place the head through the hoop with the harmonica on one side. If this is not possible you can place the instrument in last . This will allow you another 1/2 inch for placing your head in the hoop.

Lip to Harmonica distance- The distance is usually about 1 inch .. To allow more room you can make adjustments using your hands to squeeze the hoop inward. i.e. make an oval hoop. This will move the harmonica outward.

Have fun-

Note- II use this holder for my chromatic harmonica bur it is a wider holder.Can't use the sharps lever tho-I would need a third hand.

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