A Simple Ipod Sock Mod!




...add a couple of buttons to an ipod sock & keep that damn earbuds cord in place!

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Step 1: Sew 2 Buttons on to an Ipod Sock

Step 2: & Just Wrap the Cord Around the Buttons...ta-da!

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    28 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    u bought the covering my sister has one just like that except without the buttons


    8 years ago on Introduction

    this could work for regular cellphone cases/socks as well! :) or on a handbag/backpack :)

    am going to stitch buttons to everything i own now

    Neon Panda

    8 years ago on Step 2

    Brilliant! Thanks for posting! I'm going to try this out later!x


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    HEY! iPods don't suck! I've got a 60 GB Video and it ROCKS! Do you guys have one? Don't ditch it before you try it.

    I tried it. And I ditched it. Go with the Creative Zen they're prettier and cheaper, and there's a good alternative for each iPod. Check it out:

    Shuffle = zen stone/stone plus (half the price--and the stone plus has a screen.)
    Nano = v/v plus (that's the one I have. I think it's about $30 cheaper. *Note* the zen V plus can do video, pictures, and fm radio, and it's still cheaper.)
    Video/photo = vision M, W, etc.

    My Zen broke. My iPod still works. Zen failed while the iPod still works, so therefore I'd rather ditch the Zen. Granted, the earphones in the iPod are horrible, but no self respecting music lover would use them anyway.

    I had a Zen. True, it WAS cheaper, AND it had more features, but i hated it. Its made of cheap plastic, was butt ugly, and i never used the fm radio, the fm radio recorder, or the voice recorder. iPods have an all-metal design, are are dern sexy. :D Not to say that the Zen was a bad player, i just prefer the iPod quality.

    Ok, I agree with that NOW. I got an iPod when my Zen just decided to quit working. I loved the Zen, but it was just too fragile. And I hate that I can't use my iPod with Linux -- I had none of these software problems with my Zen!


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, I finally got that to work a little while ago. Then one of my friends stole my ipod and replaced all my music with his... meaning I lost a bunch of music, but more importantly, all my careful formatting was undone. Then the computer with GTKpod on it broke. And now the ipod's out of batteries. F***