A Wooden Sword With Burning Art




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hello i am sir. Woodster

and in this instructable i am going to make a wooden sword . i made one a wile back but i didn`t photograph the built . i decided to make another one because their fun to play with and look really cool.This one is made out of pallet wood so it is really cheap to

i really enjoyed making the sword (which cost me about 5 hours ) thumbs up cost`s just 5 sec.

Step 1: Draw the Design and Make a Groove

I used some free wood from a pallet to keep the costs down

I just free hand drawn the sword , than i made a strait line from the handle to the top ( pic.4)

Because a lot of swords have i groove in the middle i made on to, To make the groove i use a U shaped bit in my router (pic.5). I found that it us almost impossible to make a strait line with a hand hold router .So a router table would help a lot in this case .

Step 2: Saw Out the Shape

i used a jigsaw to cut out the shape of the sword .


Step 3: Beveling and Round Over`s

I used a shamfer bit in my router to make a bevel on the blade .To decide how deep you want the bit to cut , just measure the the thickens of your board and divide it by 2. Than mark that point on the wood . You can lower the bit until the bearing is at the same level as the mark you made.

To round over the handle i used the same set-up with a round-over bit

Step 4: Burning the Nob and Blade Guard

To color the blade guard and the nob i used a lighter and some sandpaper . their is not a lot to it but you must be care full not to burn the side`s .to make it a bit simpler i filed a line so i new were to burn .

Step 5: The Burn Art

I don`t call it pyrografy because i used a soldering iron to burn the wood.

I first freehand drawn the design on the handle than i used the iron to burn it out. I ended up with a pretty good result but i burned 2 fingers :( so if you are not as stupid as me just use a pyrografy iron.

Step 6: Oil or Lacquer

I used a some spray-on oil .but i think lacquer would work better because it is harder .

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