Aaaa Battery Hack!


Introduction: Aaaa Battery Hack!

You probably have some really cool, free aaaa batteries sitting around at your home, and may not even know it! What you need: 9 volt battery, Needle nose pliers, Wire clippers (maybe)

Step 1: Remove the Metal Battery Casing

However you want to do this. Using, pliers and/or wire clippers.

Step 2: Keep Disassembling

Remove any other plastic/metal casing around the aaaa batteries.

Step 3: Remove Joiners

There's these little metal strips holding the batteries together. Those come off, too!

Step 4: Done!!

You'll end up with about 6.

Step 5: But What Are These Good For?

aaaa batteries are interchangeable with most aaa battery roles. They're also smaller, and lighter. (Note, not all 9 volt batteries contain these. I know for sure Energizer and Duracell do).



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    5 Discussions

    4A batteries can be difficult to find, this will allow various things to be re-used without having to hunt down and pay OTT prices

    Two things: 1) Not all 9v batteries are like this, some stack some weird format vertically. 2) AAAA are definitely less capacious than AAA.

    How are they smaller but last longer what reason is in that

    Cool. Never knew what's inside a 9 volt battery. Now I do. :)