Active Canadian Well

Introduction: Active Canadian Well

Sorry for my english, but I am french.


A canadian well is known to refresh a house in summer, and help to worm it in winter. It is based on the fact that the ground two meters fil is as the annual average temperature (about 13°C in France). One or more tube is buried; with a fan we push air through the tube. In summer the air temperature decrease to about 20°C and in winter it grow to 10°C. It works, but it can be improved.

An active canadian well is specialized to do fresh or hot air, but not both. Logically two active canadian well are usefull for a house.


A canadian well become active by adding tubes to inject heat or cool. These tubes can transport air or a liquid.


Using cold air during winter, we can refresh the well of 3 or 4°C. The principals tubes are used only in summer during hot days. The efficiency is increased.

To get a hot well, we can use hot water comming from solar panels. Notice that the ground has a very long inertness.(several months)

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    2 years ago


    Je fais des recherches sur les condensats produit par les puits canadiens.

    Je voulais savoir quelle quantité de condensats vous récupérez ? a quelle période de l'année ?

    Et dans le cas ou vous en récupérez, quelles sont les caractéristiques de votre puits ? et sa location :)

    Merci beaucoup pour votre réponse