Add Music to Your Room/ Enter Your Room With Music

things need:-
I) old mp3 with inbuilt speaker or ever cheap mp3 player will do.
II)Insulated copper wires.
III) solder
IV)battery 3v
V)touch switch found in CD roms.
VI)speaker motor metal strips

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Step 1: Connection

the wires from the switch should be connected to the battery and motor.
the axle or the rod of the motor should be soldered with a strip of metal with a wire. 
other side of the motor there should be a another strip of metal.
once the switch of the door is turn on the motor spins turning on the mp3 power wire the motor acts as a relay switch.

Step 2:

put songs on your memory card and insert it in the player .
now fit the switch downwards not touching the ground just few mm up .
now fix  a piece of matchstick or whatever you want on the floor 
so that when the door is opened the switch gets pressed.

Step 3: Check How It Works


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