Air Cannon With Interchangable Barrels




Introduction: Air Cannon With Interchangable Barrels

This is my first instructable so give me a break. This is a pneumatic (compressed air) cannon that i made with my christmas money.It has dual 2 inch pressure chambers and right now i only have a 3 inch & a 2 inch barrel. i used a total of 13 parts and 11 sections of pipe all parts exept the 3 inch pipe and 3 inch reducer are all 2 inch pvc pipe.

************************ disclamer***************************
these devices might be illegal in your area DO NOT blame me for your idiotnessdo not shoot at peoples property and these are dangerous possibly fatal and be aware that all the pvc parts i use are rated to 250 PSI at least and if overpressurised will blow up and send plastic everywhere including into you do not use on cold days as this weakens it pvc doesnt show up on x ray!!

Step 1: Materials

16' of 2 in. pvc pipe                                                  ALL PVC PARTS ARE SCHEDULE 40 OR HIGHER
5' of 3 in. pvc pipe
1 2 in. pvc tee
2 2 in. 45 degree pvcelbows
2 2 in. 90 degree pvc elbows
2 2 in. pvc pipe caps
1 2 in. pvc ball valve
2 2 in. male slip/ftp (threaded) coupling
1 2 in. female slip/ftp coupling
1 3 in. to 2 in. reducing bushing
1 3 in. pvc pipe coupling  
2 rector seal cans of "hot" pvc cement
2 cans of purple primer 
paper towls
lysol disinfectant wipes any wipes will do just make sure they have alchol in them

software (tools)
1  1/4 npt pipe thread tap

  the rector seal hot pvc cement bonds faster and seals better so i highly reccomend it 

how to seal pipe after you have cement on BOTH the pipe and part you are joining
stick them together and twist 90 degrees yow should have a sealed pipe

Step 2: Pressure Chambers

cut 2 4 foot lengths of 2 inch pvc pipe then wipe 1 end of each pipe then wipe the 2 caps and prime both of them then cement together then wipe the other ends and the 2 90 degree elbows and cement together 

Step 3: Valve Assembly

 take the valve wipe it clean do the same with the tee and cut a 1 3/4 in. long piece of 2 in pipe and cement that to the tee and then to the valve

Step 4: Joining the Pressure Chambers and Valve Assembly

cut 4 1 3/4 inch long 2 in. diameter  pvc pipe sections and wipe those clean then cement 2 of those to the pressure chambers and then to the 45 degree elbows then cement those assemblies to the tee with the other 2 pipe sections

Step 5: Barrels and Barrel Adapters

take the female slip threaded adapter and clean it and cement it onto another 1 3/4 in. long 2 in diameter pvc pipe section then cement that onto the valve leftover 2 in. pvc and clean one end of it then cement 1 of the male adapters to the barrel then take the 3 in. pipe and clean one end of it then cement the coupler onto it then cement the busing onto the coupler then take the male adapter and cement it to another 1 3/4 in. long 2 in. diameter pvc pipe section and cement that to the bushing

Step 6: Final Preps

tap 2 holes with the 1/4 in npt tap in the tee for a gauge and quick connect

Step 7: FIRE!!!

wait 24 hours for the cement to harden and then shoot any thing you can fit in the barrel  DONT  BE  A  IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are done

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    4 Discussions


    6 years ago on Step 7

    Awesome. I made a mini cannon with steel pipe to shoot batteries.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Hey man I would double check what the valve is rated to, because I havent found any pvc ball valves that are rated past 150 psi

    dog digger
    dog digger

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Get a metal ball valve. I have one rated to 300psi and it's a cheapie!