Air Powered Tripwire Paint Mine 5 (how to Use and Notes)

Introduction: Air Powered Tripwire Paint Mine 5 (how to Use and Notes)

Undo the safety pin and spring and close ball valve. Shut trigger and replace safety pin.leave the spring undone!

Take a bicycle pump that can handle 120psi or more and pressurize air chamber to 120psi. You don't need more than 120psi.

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Step 1:

Make sure you have the screw on pvc/abs cap screwed in. Take out the 1/4" plug from the T and insert the surgical tubing from your fill bottle. Tilt bottle up side down and begin filling slowly. You can almost fit 3/4 of the liquid from a 16.9 floz bottle. Replace the plug.

The mine is now ready to use.

Step 2:

Find a good place to set up the mine. Stab mine into ground facing the area to be covered in paint.

Hook in the trip wire and tie off other end in a straight line to the throw of the trigger.

Return to mine and set the spring and carefully pull out the safety pin and retreat to a safe(not going to get annihilated) distance.

Step 3: Disarming

To disarm the mine, hold the trigger and replace the safety pin then unhook the spring. Or you can do it the fun way.

Step 4:

It cost about $60 to make this mine but its still allot cheaper that whats on the market and you dont need to buy Co2 cartridges for it.

This air chamber is just big enough to push out all the liquid, you dont need to make the paint chamber bigger, unless you make a bigger air tank with it!

My paint mine can cover a 20-25 foot radius with the 180 degree sprayer and 120psi. I have modified my sprayer slightly. See pic.

As you probably noticed, I have an air pressure gauge on mine. This is not necessary, its just there to show its pressurized.

Be sure to spray some WD40 on the ball valve regularly to keep it working smoothly. and store with valve open.

Lastly this is just an explanation on how I made an AIR PRESSURE PAINT MINE and it in no way explodes, it just sprayes paint. If you decide on using this to build one, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU DO OR WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU, SO PLEASE, DONT MAKE YOUR PROBLEM MINE!!!!

I have tried to put a quick release on the air tank to have several pre-filled tanks for the feild but the problem with that is the pressure drops too fast to put the tank back on the mine and you loose the pressure needed to shoot the paint. You could put another valve on each tank but it would add to the size.

If you do build one, id like to see some pics and hear your ideas. just send them to Just ge shure to say your from instructables in the subject of the e mail or i probly wont open it.

Thanks for reading.

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    Wow, I think I might have stumbled upon something that might scare off the groundhogs from my backyard.

    Lance Mt.
    Lance Mt.

    10 years ago on Introduction

     I like. I like alot. Looking into water-fight purposes. 

       Veeeeery nice!

               -Cheers, chris