Air Soft Grenade




Introduction: Air Soft Grenade

i like making interesting stuff out of ordinary crap that's going to be thrown out. and also jus...

this is a pretty cool biodegradable air soft grenade that doesn't produce any harmful shrapnel.

(i check my comments every day, so if you have a problem, concern, or and edit you would like me to know, just post a comment and ill get back to you very fast! stay classy!)

Step 1: Materals Needed

2.note card (any size)
4.a pen
5.a fire cracker (or small fireworks)
6.air soft BB's
7.and a sheet of normal printer paper

Step 2: Make the Body

take the note card and fold it into a cylinder and put a piece of tape down the center and on either side.

Step 3: Make the Top and Bottom

Trace two squares around the edge of the cylinder but make it a bit bigger than the actual cylinder. Then cut them both out.

Step 4: Tape One End

Take one of the squares you just cut and tape it length-wise then width-wise then tape the edges down so it's secure.

Step 5: Trim

Place the firecracker inside of our grenade and measure about halfway up the fuse and cut the excess off

Step 6: Create the Top

Take the last square of paper and fold it in half (but don't crease it) and make a small cut with the scissors making a hole in the center.

Step 7: Fill the Nade!!

Now fill your grenade body halfway up with bb's, put the firecracker in the middle, then fill the rest around the firecracker.

Step 8: Put the Last Cover On

Now take the square that we cut earlier and place it on top of the grenade with the fuse protruding out of the hole. Tape it down securely and don't forget the corners.

Step 9: Yeah Your Done!!

Now when you are trapped or cornered etc. you can whip out your TE HE and scare the crap out of your opponents and win! I like to call them te he so that when I light it I yell "TEHE!!" and it warns my team members that there's a live grenade. Have fun!

*DISCLAIMER- I'm not responsible for any potential injures etc. After you make this device what you do with it is your fault not mine.



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    47 Discussions

    Nice job! Better then the crapy vinegar and baking soda where you have to throw them at trees!


    3 replies

     well, it all depends on the materials you choose to use, the thicker the paper, the more fire power you'll need, and so on. 

    if you put it in pvc pipe with the fire cracker end taped down can you use it for an emergency shotgun?

    2 replies

    lol you could do that then chuck it like a tornado grenade so its spinning the bbs would go everywere

    that might work, it sounds like a great idea, but only if your willing to loose a cupple of fingers in the presses! lol! just be sure you don't point it at anyone and always where safety goggles!

    I used a waterproof fire cracker. i don't remember the exact brand, but you want it to have a long, green fuse so you can light it and get away/throw it.

    If you buy a string of firecrakers, the first one in the line usually have the green fuse which take longer to burn and you will also have a long fuse that runs all the way down the firecrackers that you could use, It would be better to use m-80's but they are now illegal in the US, but you can still buy and use the less effective m-100's though.

    that depends if the fire crackers have a fast burning blackpwoder fuse (which most of them do ) but I think if you think you can light the fuse, and throw the grenade then go for it! :) (I'm not responsible for any injurious involving the grenade, and as always, where safety glasses)

    doesn't this make you get out of the round also because the bb's go in all directions.