Airborne Led Flashlight



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I have wanted to make a LED flashlight out of an airborne tube for sometime now, just never got around to doing it. Then I saw the flashlight contest at 10  pm central time and thought what the hell, lets give this a try. This is really a first draft just to see how good of a case the tube makes. LOTS OF ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT HERE!!!

1 airborne tube or similar tablet tube 
3 led's
1 4 volt battery from used notebook cell
1 resistor 
1 small toggle button (on/off)

You will also need a soldering iron, and small screw driver set.. 


Step 1: Prepare the Tube

Remove twisty pieces from cap.

Use the a small Phillips head screw driver to poke holes for you led's in top of cap. A total of 6 holes.

Poke another hole in the rear of the tube for you button. 

Step 2: Insert LED's

Insert the LED's in the the cap. Then twist together the long positive ends, and then twist all the short negative ends together.

Next use some soder to keep inplace and together.

Step 3: Resistor, Switch, and Battery

Soder the resistor in-place to LED positive and then attach a wire from the resistor to the switch and then to the battery positive. To complete the certiet soder led negitive to battery negitive.  

Step 4: Shove in Tube

Now cram it all into the tube. The cap should kind of snap in-place and hold all the contents snugly. 



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