Airsoft Claymore(not Technically a Claymore)

yes.  this in not technically a claymore, but it serves pretty much the same purpose as one and it is way simpler to make (it only took me about 10 minutes to make and it was definetly worth it).  it is great for ambush at airsoft wars and requires very few materials.  this is my first instructable ever so spare me if im doing a bad job and please try this project out and leave comments!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Step 1: Materials Needed

electric airsoft gun ( your not doing anything to the gun that cant be undone so don't worry, use your 450 FPS gun)

backup airsoft gun battery (doesn't have to be the specific battery type that comes with gun it can be any airsoft gun battery)

electrical switch

lots of wire

electrical tape

wire strippers (or you could a pocket knife blade like me)

Step 2: The Electrical Wiring Part

to build the electrical part of this project first you cut either one of the 2 wires leading from the battery itself to the whiteish yellowish thing that plugs into the gun and hook 2 long strands of wire about 10-20 feet long each to the 2 open ends of the battery wire ( if you don't know what i'm talking about its the pieces of wire that have electrical tape taped on them in the picture).
           the other ends of the long wire should attach to a switch, preferably a switch that cuts off when you remove your finger from the switch unlike the switch i used that you have to switch off manually.  then tape all the open wire with electrical tape like shown below.  by the way,  i used a lot more wire then shown in the picture, it was just cut out of the photo.

Step 3: Installing It to Your Gun

this is definitely the simplest part of the whole project, just take out the old battery, put in the new one you just made, put the gun on full auto, put tape over the trigger. yes putting tape over the trigger isn't convenient, so if you find a better way to hold down the trigger quickly and effectively, please comment.
                 to charge this thing, you just plug it in to an airsoft gun charger and put the switch to ON. if you leave the switch off the thing wont charge!    

Step 4: Uses and Other Stuff

             this gun is best used as an ambush weapon.  it is very portable so you could have it in your pocket during an airsoft war, and quickly set is up to hiding the gun in leaves or a bush or something like that then when they walk by the target zone push the button, grab your gun and run.
             if anyone knows how to hook this thing up to a wireless mechanism to make it remote control, PLEASE COMMENT AND DESCRIBE HOW TO DO IT IN DETAIL.  you should also make an instructables for how to do it but don't forget to my name instuctaBAD (yes there is no R in instructaBAD, I accidentally left it out when i made my account and i don't know how to change it)
             Also I am not responsible for anybody getting hurt using this thing.

             Last but not least, i am not sure how to make a tripod that makes this thing stand up so come up with this one yourself, because thats kinda important, and if you get an idea, of course, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT.



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    6 Discussions


    6 years ago on Step 4

    In theory I think instead of a wireless, you could build an electric tripwire (which there are probably hundreds of instructables on). the only thing is it would keep firing till the mag was empty/battery was dead, so it might dry fire a lot, which isn't good for the gun...

    although this is a pretty common idea, the documentation is very good for your first 'ible. however, there are quite a few ways to improve it, all depending on your level of skill in electronics. If your more skilled, you could look at my instructable here on how to create a remote detonator. in order to make it a manual remote trigger, just wire this up with a simple relay switch and your done. it also wouldn't be hard to make a pressure plate detonator, using my idea here, or a tripwire detonator here(note that with the tripwire detonator, the gun would continue to fire until somebody dissables it, wich could be a rather bad thing.) also props go to scissorman on the tripwire instructable. also, with the links i provided to my 2 'ibles, you will need to use some common sense and problem solving to get them to apply directly to your "claymore," but judging by your work i'd guess thats probably in your skill range. congrats on your first ible!


    7 years ago on Step 4

    what about a steel tripod with a wheel on it and a c-clamp put sideways to clamp your gun


    7 years ago on Introduction

    PVC is the solution to everything. Just cut it to the correct length, get the correct joints, get end caps, give it some paint, and mount it to your airsoft gun using whatever and there you go, a tripod! Hey what airsoft gun do you have?

    1 reply

    its a pulsar 76 yeah i know its crapy but i took of a bunch of peices to make it look cooler thanks for the idea


    7 years ago on Step 4

    I figured out how to change my username so now it is instructaBAD. ( with a R)