Airsoft Tactical Shotgun Modified for Hunting




This is not about improving performance of a tactical weapon. Rather this is a just a fun attempt to modify a gun’s looks.

I have this cheap spring shotgun copy of Smith & Wesson M3000. I wondered if I could modify the frame to resemble the hunting frame it is based upon. Although many hunting shotguns are available in matte black I thought I would go for something more traditional.

This is very similar to a instructable posted by Big Nasty but a little more involved.

Step 1: Disassembly

I started by disassembling the gun with the idea of painting wood parts and lengthening the barrel. To take the gun apart the stock is held on by two bolts at the frame. The shoulder pad is held on by two screws and a mild glue that can be pried off. The accessory rail was removed and discarded.

Take apart the front of the gun by unscrewing the cap on the pump. The barrel will slide right off the end. Then a small screw will allow the pump to slide off.

Step 2: Barrel Modification

The easiest way to make a longer barrel would have been to add onto the end of the existing barrel, but I decided a new, one-piece barrel would be better. I made a new barrel out of metal conduit. 16-18 inches is about right. To attach to the body it needed 1 inch inside diameter.

The hardest part was the end support for the air tube had to be adapted to the long barrel. It is a thick ring holding the end of the tube and attached to the pump rod. I cut that part from the barrel, cut a hole in the new barrel, shimmed and epoxied the rings in the new barrel. Test fit the new barrel to the body. Mine fit well but still needed some minor sanding to the inside of of the barrel.

Step 3: Reassemble

I painted the stock and pump wood brown. The body and barrel I sanded and primed and painted with metalic wheel paint. Before painting I taped off the hop adjustment.

To reassemble be sure to attach the pump handle before attaching the barrel. I used silicone to make the barrel fit a little more sturdy than the press fit. It will also allow me to take it apart again should I see fit.

Reassembly brings a Airsoft S&W M3000 Hunting Arm. The conduit barrel gives it some weight, so it feels more realistic.

Total expense was two cans of spray paint, a little epoxy (I used JB Weld), and conduit, roughly $15.



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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    This worked so well I made a batch of them and have been using them in youth hunter safety events. We practice safe habits with the airsoft guns and archery 3-D animal targets. It has been popular with pre-teens who want to go hunting with their parents. It is fun and not lethal and quite inexpensive.