Alien Junk Bot Cyborg Mech




Introduction: Alien Junk Bot Cyborg Mech

About: Hi, my name is SQuiD people actually call me that in real life (but its just a nickname). People se me as strange and weird (rather be strange and weird than normal right?) I enjoy making things and showing ...

alien junk bot cyborg mech

Step 1: Body

Step 2:

simply asemble as shown

Step 3: Head

this head piece is from life on mars lego sets

simply connect it to the other connecter on the head

Step 4: Right Arm

here is the instructions for the right arm

Step 5: Left Arm

same as the right just reversed

Step 6: Legs

leg instructions

Step 7: Weapons

Step 8: Claw

Step 9:

claw hooks on to the hand or can be put on his back when not in use

Step 10: Ball and Chain

Step 11: Custimize

feel free to add whatever you want!!!

Step 12: #love4winston



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