All in One Desktop Organizer



This is a desktop organizer that can hold plenty of stuff,it has a spool holder on the right that can hold plenty of wire spools,or anything you would like.there is a solder station to hold your soldering iron and a sponge holder right in front,next are some bowls(i didn't wanna put anymore boxes)that will carry whatever you like but i labeled them nuts and bolts because that's what best suited it for me.The bottom left is an assortment box,the middle divider will lift up which makes it longer for resistors and such,above it is a spool holder,i made it as a solder feeder but it could carry any other spool,and it also disconnects to put the spool on.behind it is a hollowed out cylinder that can hold pens,pencils,screwdrivers,etc.
I put two logos, and YOU MUST GET 123D!!!!!!!123D is a 3d design software and its super easy to learn,All you have to do is go to and you download one thing and its there,i learned most of it in one week,they have videos to has helped me majorly to bring my projects to life,and the best part,its free!!!just give it a look and you will love it.The other is the instructables robot and they have also helped me a lot.

thanks for reading this and god bless!

Step 1: Slanted Frony View

the front view.

Step 2: Slanted Back View

the back view.



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    5 years ago

    No problem


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for this instructable -it has given me a great idea for a microscopy work station/ supply holder