Almost Finished Mp5k



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After seeing motabois mp5k i tryed to build it from the one picture he has of it here. 
so far this is what i have done
body of the gun
the front handle and grip
ram guide and a trigger(i'm not sure how well the trigger works because i don't have enough hinges)
trigger guard
and a part of the mag well
so id appreciate any feedback on it and i'm open to any ideas of how to improve the gun.



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    4 months ago

    Get real. Why bother to post a half finished instructable? Geez…

    yea i just looked at it looks alot better than this one in some spots. but after a while i just gave up on trying to make this work i might try again with different internals another time.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I'll be honest. I really like the handle and trigger guard, but not much else. I think if you could add a good front grip instead of just a yellow rod, and work on the frame a bit and use a connector barrel (with orange connectors), it would look a lot better.

    2 replies

    the yellow rods were just a temporary thing when i was building it. as for the barrel i'll probably have to make something because i still can't get any rounds to feed with either flying every where in the gun/ram not reaching them.

    The connector barrel would probably fix the feeding problem since the ammo would just hit the barrel ceiling, and then the ram would hit it.

    yea when i was uploading it i had a lot of problems seeing the pics. well heres 2 over view pics one of the internals and one of how i have made now.i also might make it into a H@K usc.